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Murder Summary for # 8982 

Homicide Investigation Tracking System 



DOB; 8/20/1955 Age; 18 Race: WHITE Sex; FEMALE 

Height: 62 Weight: 120 Hair Color: BROWN Eyes Color: 



StartDate - EndDate 

4521 17 AVE NE, SEATTLE, WA, US - 98105 


Victim's Relationship to Suspect 


Victim last seen prior to death: 6/11/1974 1:00:00 AM 

Death/Major assault: 6/11/1974 12:00:00 AM 

Victim/Body found: 9/7/1974 12:00:00 AM 

Last known location: 

Address: 4511 17 AVE NE, SEATTLE, WA, US - 98105 

Location where body was found: 





County; KING 

County: KING 

Victim Bound With 

Victim Parts Bound 



Body disfigured : YES HEAD 

Body parts removed : YES 

Unusual Assault 

Type of Sexual Assault 



Cause of Death 



Stab wounds: 

Cutting wounds: 

Blunt force wounds: 2 

Gun shot wounds: 

Type of Weapon 

Weapon Used 





Tuesday, June 10, 2014 9:43:37 AM 

Murder #8982 

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Murder Summary for # 8982 

~ Homicide Investigation Tracking System ~ 

Case #: 74-031075 

Phone; (206) 684-5550 

HITS Case ID: 8982 


Officer Name: 

Case Status: SOLVED - CLOSED 

Tuesday, June 10, 2014 9:43:37 AM 

Murder #8982 

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Crime Data Summary for # 85265 

Homicide Investigation Tracking System 

Date Entered: 10/5/2011 Information Source: INFO REQUESTED 

Incident Information 


Case/Incident#: 74-031075 Incident Date/Time: 6/11/197412:00:00 AM 

Type of Crime(s): 

Incident Address: 

Address: SEATTLE, WA, US County: KING 



DOB: 8/20/1955 Age: Race: WHITE Sex: FEMALE 

Height: Weight: Hair Color: Eyes Color: 



StartDate - EndDate 

4521 17 AVE NE, SEATTLE, WA, US - 98105 


^ ^ Request For Informatlon(RFI) 


Reporting Agency's Case #: 74-031075 

Investigator Name: CIESYNSKI, MIKE Phone: (206)684-5571 

Action Taken: 


Tuesday, June 10. 2014 9:43.09 AM 

Crime Data # 85265 

Page 1 of 1 



Union Bay 



UMION All* ! 



a u ] 





2 jt I 1 3 >] 

1 >4t. 






Z{N «tYt [ ^ IT 1 QO,t SjJ^I 

^ f” i'\ f ' 

July 18, 2017 

Seattle Police Department 





PO Box 34986 

Seattle, WA 98124-4986 

Ms. Kathleen O'Toole, Chief of Police 

J // 


Dear Ms. O'Toole, 

I have been writing the various divisions of the law enforcement agencies of Washington State trying to 
get my case investigated as it is critical to the case of at least one other victim of the time period who 
remains missing and I cannot get anyonil td listen to me. I am hoping you wili be the exception. 

First, I apologize for how emotional and disorganized the attachments may seem which are included. I 
can't help it. I am a professional writer and I work from home due to the trauma of what happened to 
me decades ago and I am organized in most aspects of my life but I struggle still to this day in trying to 
communicate all that happened and why it's relevant. 

There has been a cover up of the Ted Bundy cases in general and in particular relative to the findings at 
Taylor Mountain. Victims were left behind and never investigated and evidence at the crime scene of 
both Issaquah and Taylor Mountain was not protected. People were allowed to profit from the case and 
too much information was released and other evidence was simply lost, destroyed and discounted. 

I was one of the victims who got left behind -1 managed to survive but it changed my life forever and I 
did not realize all that happened due to the captivity trauma [this is supported by case records and my 
memories, which contained details never released] and the head trauma and the subsequent impact on 
my memory. 

It is very important to me to get the facts of the case straightened out and to be recognized as the 
surviving victim because my friend's case Georgann Hawkins, depends on it [there is no corroboration to 
Ted Bundy leaving with her except my testimony so she remains missing] and because he was stalking 
me over a four year period that I knew him in Tacoma and in Seattle other girls' cases may also be 

I know you don't know me and have no reason to believe me but I wish you did know me. You would 
know that I am not making it up and not having delusions. The AG Office releasing a memo stating to 
only use DNA was to me an attempt to cover up the fact that they knew Taylor Mountain had been 
misrepresented to the public and they did not want anyone to know all that had occurred behind the 
scenes referencing their own office. Irt my opinion. If you review the files, you will understand why I 
make that statement. 

Please, review what I am saying and assign an investigator to let me have my say. The only efforts made 
to date have been to discredit me - there has not been a thorough, fact checked investigation at all. 

I would appreciate your help. Best wishes, Si^an Roller, ^313 Sunny Lane #G, Suamico, Wl 54313 

Jc/U . 

^ Am- 

July 19, 2017 

Ms. Kathleen O'Toole, Chief of Police 

Seattle Police 

P.O. 80x34986 

Seattle, WA 98124-4986 

Dear Chief O'Toole; 

I have enclosed a few additional documents related to my case: 

1. Emails from mv correspondence with Ann Rule that goes back at least as far as 2001. 

a. They prove consistency even if the details themselves are disjointed - that is because of 
the severity of the trauma at the time all this occurred. 

b. The examples prove that my memories contained accurate details long before the case 

/ records were released; I knew where he was parking in eariy 2009 to the exact 

/ location that was found In the surveillance records and those records were not 

publicly released until 2014. 

c. Stalking trauma, rape trauma, head trauma combined produced the type of fragmented 
disjointed memory recall that is documented in these emails over at least a 12-year 
period. I sound articulate now because I have healed but I was in a state of severe 
trauma still at the time these were emerging and my PTSD symptoms were also delayed. 

d. Part of the reason I want my case investigated and verified by police is that I want to 
have my case reviewed for the head injury and recovery because not much is known or 
documented In sexual assaults with head trauma and it will help me gain understanding 
with people who have to deal with it in iaw enforcement and elsewhere. It wasn't just 
the trauma of being raped - he was hitting me over the head to abduct me that spring 
of 1974 when he was escalating. 

e. There are literally over one hundred emails to her. Included also is my description of 

/ the car he was driving when he raped me in 1971 and it too matches exactly to the 

records which had never been released. 

2. Beginning of a review document I am putting together of the errors and factual misstatements 

by Robert Keppel in his book "Riverman". 

a. It shaped public opinion and it is basically a lie in several parts of it. 

b. The cases of Ted Bundy were shut down in the belief that nothing would ever be known 
and yet Taylor Mountain evidence proves beyond doubt that Bundy was an experienced 
seriai killer in 1974 and did not go off on a killing spree all of a sudden. It also shows 
that Bundy probably had other sites out there. 

c. There is another aspect to this in that another woman came forward in 1972, stating 
Bundy had raped her using aicohol to ply her and this is nearly the same experience I 
had had with him in 1971 when I was sixteen and my account matches hers nearly 
exactly and hers was never released. Keppel recognized her report as rape but then 
referred to her in a meeting as "buxom" and essentially discounted anything she had to 
say because alcohol was involved. Again, I could not have known of her account. 


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Re: Stockholm Syndrome 

From : 
Subject : Re: Stockholm Syndrome 
To : 

Mon, Feb 02,2009 04:53 PM 
^6 attachnrtents 


I don't know If you've been In contact with my friends but I got a very weird letter from Anne today that talked about a car In the lot and 
what she perceived to be as truth in that {that ft was rented and not a VW} and she was wrong in her assumptions. Anne lived on the 
opposite side of the annex from me and she thinks she knows everything about all that went on with me and she was off In her own 
world as we all were at that tlme^ You know, I don't want to get this dragged into my friends lives to a point where they can't contact 
me or talk freely to me. Cindy wont even call me back now. Anne’s comments to me were that there was a guy that rented a spot 
behind the annex and It wasnt a VW. I'm sure there was - but Ted wasnt parking outside of my window during the day nor was he 
there all the time. He only parked there {that I knew of} when he called me - or he parked there when a spot was open and when I 
didnt know about it obviously as the night in the alley with George.' He parked by the bush at the comer of the annex outside of my 
window. I told you the truth Ann In all of It People's perspectives may differ and Anne {my friend) I think still has some residual 
jealousy issues there. Ted also parked up on 16th near 47th because there was at least one time where I met him up by the Beta 
house where the alley ran Into 47th. We used to walk up 16th all the time towards 50th as he didnt want to walk around fraternity row 
{17th> or run Into people^ We also went dancing at Dante's tavern one time^ 

I don't see why this has to be a big deal to contact my friends. I'm just another victim - there’s nothing special about It except maybe 
that we dated. I knew him yes -1 dated him In high school and I dated him In college secretly - whether anyone believes me or not. I 
don't remember Stanford but I remember everything else about that trip in July {Cindy thinks it was August but she is wrong as I went 
to Hawaii In August and was gone two weeks} and I have a high IQ, I have no illnesses, I have had a thorough workup and CT scan and 
xrays and etc and I am grounded, healthy, and solid. You know, In Cindy's case, it wouldn't matter if It was August - the Stanford part of 
that trip Is black and so there is something In there that Is connected to him. I ended up getting Bell's Palsy when these memories 
were surfacing as the stress underyllng them was high - but that Is resolving now and I do not look 54 years old; 1 have no self Image 
Issues or anything else that would Influence my mind or my perceptions. In some ways, I think my memories of that time period are 
sharper than other people’s because In getting them back they are so vivid and it’s like reliving them. I feel the emotions, I feel the pain 
if body memory is associated, and 1 feel the fears. There Is nothing pyschologically wrong wi^ me except the loss of memories 
associated to one person during a specific time frame. 

The trip to Canada with Cindy was In 1978. I was wrong on that one but that was prior to the memories coming back in clear detail. 
Cindy thinks we went to CA In August but we didnt - she started her summer school session late that year {session B} and we couldnt 
have gone then as my parents needed the car back in August and I was in Hawaii during that time with Sue {another friend}; I wish this 
process hadnt been stalled out for 30 plus years -1 feel like I am the one under scrutiny when In reality I probably have a sharper set of 
memories overall than most people because the trauma of that time period, once the memories came back, made everything much 
sharper and dearer and again, was like reliving It all over again. But I dont want my friends alienated from me * I dont understand this 
at all; If you have questions, why cant you just ask me? 1 have a position of high responsibility now on a research project that will have 
some national Impact and It’s very Involved. I would not risk my career at this point, nor this project, to come forward under false 
assertions. There Is too much to lose and nothing at all to gain In this. I told you the truth about the night In the alley with George and 
she Is the reason I risked anything at all In coming forward. I knew Ted for a long time -1 thought of him as a friend and I cared about 
him. If I was mislead by him that's his problem not mine - IVs evaluated many of these memories and IVe reached the eondusion that 1 
am only responsible for how I felt and what my experience was and 1 was open, and honest about my feelings and about my 
experiences with you. There have been times in this process where I have wondered if he was killing people out of his frustration with 
me “ I dont believe he meant to hurt me that night In Tacoma but the damage was done. 

I'm just being honest with you Ann. I just feel very sad that my friends have to feel as though they cant talk to me or in the case of 
Anne that she still has to be competitive and tell me what my experiences are and what is truth" - even though by her own admission I 
was the most "normal" of the bunch during that time pericxJ. I've attached her full letter. Please dont hurt her by disclosing any of It -1 
am only doing It to prove a point that I was a very strong person at that time period and I still am today. 

Regards, Susan 

Privileged and Confldential%3A The Information In this e-mail message may contain confidential Information that Is privileged and 
legally protected from disclosure by federal law. This Information is Intended only for the personal and confidential use of the intended 
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dlstribution%2Cor copying of this message is strictly prohibited. If you have received thiscommunication in error%2C please notify us 
Immediately by e-mall%2C and delete theortglnal message. 

https:/AA/eb.mail .(X)mca8tn^imbra/h/priritrnessaee?id«681 &tz» Americd/ljOs_Angeles&xjm« 1 



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confirmation of time frames 

From ; Sat, Jan 17,2009 02:35 PM 

Subject : confirmation of time frames 
To :BlueZinma9@doirGom 


Anne can confirm the time frames of the ''Secret Friend” - It started slowly after we moved Into the annex which she believes was In 
October and which I think was more than likely November - but sometime In there. She also told me that she remembered it gradually 
escalating from that point until becoming more Intense right before we left for California. Jim Pateneaude may also be able to attest 
to the fact that on the few occasions when we went out late at night that late spring I would get sick and throw up - one where we were 
out at the railroad tracks, probably late May, arour\d lam ]ust walking, the VW pulled up in a lot nearby and the lights went on. I knew it 
was Ted and I was so frightened that I got sick to my stomach. Jim was also on the porch {annex} when Ted walked by one night and 
the two of them exchanged words -1 dont know If he’d remember that now or not but he might If questioned. It wasn't like Ted was 
around all the time * it was just e nough that 1 was constantly on edge and that behavior too was in process of escalating late spring. 
The physical overpowering of me was also increasing. It was developing Into a “catch and release” type of situation and I ms getting 
increasingly afraid not only to be caught out at night but where it was leading. 

I am also trying to find Joy as she was my room mate at the time and she was annoyed with the lights on through the window routine 
and told me at least once to tell my boyfriend to quit doing that. Apparently I was also at Stanford law school both spring break of 
1973 and the summer of 1973 when I went down with Cindy and Saridy^ I dont rerrwmber the trip in summer 1973 being to Stanford but 
Cindy is writing it down as apparently we stayed at Stanford law school dorms with the law students and went to several parties there 
before dropping Sandy In Modesto, It's before my memory tells me that any Interaction with him had started again but when I get the 
Information In from Cindy I will let you know If anything Is In there - additionally, I have not talked to my sister In years and she and I 
are like oil and wateo but if the “secret friends" phone calls In high school ever need to be verified she had a 0rls line phone also and 
she may have taken a phone call from hi m when he called - it seems to me she did and that she passed him on to me. I also know she 
was convinced it was a Dave {I think} because he was someone at my high school that she had a crush on and she would draw hearts on 
his picture all over my yearbook - but she also might be able to state ft was Ted. He did give his name when he called. Td have to find 
a way to ask her - after ail these years I dont know if she'd even remember or remember accurately. That’s part of the problem with 
the memory loss having taken so tong to surface. There's some documentation but ifs going to be hard to pull all that was probably 
there originally. 


Privileged and Confidential: The Information In this e-mail message may contain confidential information that is privileged and legally 
protected from disclosure by federal law. This information is Intended only for the personal and confidential use of the intended 
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recipient, you are hereby notified that you have received this document In error and that any review, dissemination, dlsti1butlon,or 
copvrtng of this message Is strictly prohibited. If you have received thiscommunicatlon in error, please notify us Immediately by e-mail, 
and delete theorigirral message. 

-Original message- 

From: awfphotodeslgn@comcastnet 

I don’t like disclosing the full extent of injury as that’s personal I had to go in for a laporoscopy in my twenties due to 
problems that arose from the initial rape. One of those Injuries Included the ovarian ligament being nearly torn from the 
abdominal wall. But there were others as well and these injuries are what precipitated the severe endometriosis 
development. The doctor asked me If I had been raped but I denied it as my memories were gone at that point. I bled for 
days after the incident, near hemorrhage and thought it was an unusually heavy periods In fact, my father almost took me to 
the doctor as he had called and I could not get out of bed. 

Due to the haziness of this memory in parts, I either still suffer trauma from it or there was date rape drug involvement. We 
had been out dancing and he was drinking and I was drinking cokes. Truthfully, I am probably lucky that I lived. I remember 
at the time feeling In shock. I refused to take his calls for awhile and he persisted. I finally took them and forgave him but 
refused to see him again as I left for UW and he drifted away during 1972-1973 that I can remember anyway now and I 
put the Incident on the back shelf. When he approached me in late 1973, November sometime, It was late and I had gone to 
the Ave to pick up something from the bookstore. 1 ran into him and we talked for a long time and he said he wanted to start 
over. I still had feelings and so I agreed to try again and I gave him my number and he walked with me back to the annex 
{outside} and where nrry room was. He then started calling and once ag ain, "secret friend" was established It started off 
slowly, sporatically, but began to escalate once 1974 started and was Intense during that last period. Susan 

Privileged and Confidential: The Information in this e-mail message may contain confidential Information that is privileged 
and legally protected from disclosure by federal law. This ififormation is intended only for the personal and confidential use 




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From ; 
Subject : <No Subject> 

To : 

Thu, Jan 15,200911:41 AM 

I will send you the package when It is complete to your post office address. Right now, I am dealing with grief in the l(^ of 
people. Did he ever mention his seaet friend at all? I never had a chance as a victim to come forward for closure on that iMrt as I was 
SO emotionally traumatized at the time - If you know of anything please let me know -1 would have lll^ an opportunity to mye 
confronted him to find out why he persisted In keeping that relationship In place with me - It was hurtful then and rerralns hurtful now. 
I was smart strong and stable for all of my friends and for my family - the only person In my life at t^t time wto was there for me, as 
an emotional anchor and as a friend or at least seemed to be, was Ted. He was always concerned about how I felt and what I thought - 
Intellectually I could hold my own with him when we got Into philosophy discussions. 

Tlie relationship was not all about fear - there were many times on many walks and nights on the phone, where we Just talked. In the 
beginning of 1974, he was asking me out skiing, to movies, to do things. I canceled a skiing date due to weather, but shortly after that 
he stopped asking for the traditional dating things and we wound up basically Just on walks and talks, 8ut he had overpowered me 
Tacoma when I knew him <when I was In high school} and he had raped me there - this was the violent time that hurt me physically and 
I never said anything because I blamed myself and he had been drinking and he was so apologetic about It afterwards or at least 
claimed to be that I forgave him. I tried to rise above It when we began the dating again In 1974 but could not get past it and his 
Increasing possessiveness to the point of slowly isolating me from friends and following me places at night frightened me. And the 
"Seaet Friend" relationshi p bothered me -1 didn't like having to keep It seaet although I compiled. I know I have Stockholm 
Syndrome and I believe he probably was manipulating me at a time when I was Inexperienced and vulnerable - but based on the depth 
of my emotions in the memories and the grief, I know I felt I was In love with him at that time, at least until May when I wanted to start 
getting out of Iti 

I never saw George actually hurt - she arrived In the Theta pathway while Ted and I were talking and he was mad at me for avoiding his 
calls and avoiding him {which I had been doing for at least a few weeks). He granted me to carry the briefcase and go out for a drive 
with him to talk but Manfred was pacing at the door to go in and I was not supposed to have him in the annex and could get In trouble 
so I told him that I would go later to talk. George volunteered to help Ted - she was my friend, we were dose and had been In Daffodil 
and she was like another little sister to me {similar to Anne) and I think she could tell that there was tension between us and she was 
trying to help me. They walked me to the annex door, which was only a short distance with George having to stop and wait for Ted 
several times as he kept trying to get mo to go with him. 1 went In and left the light off to go to bed and put on pajamas and shortly 
thereafter I heard t he noise outside of my window. It sounded like a body falling -1 kept telling myself I was Imagining things. I was 
also alarmed because the lot was big and rarely did anyone park outside my window at night unless It was Ted. 1 was alarmed as I had 
not seen the lights of his car and If he was indeed parked outside of my wiridow then he had broken his routine and not put his lights on 
and that frightened me^ I snuk to the window and I peeked out the side, lower edge, of it He did not see me, All I saw was him 
standing by his VW, with the door open staring at my window. J never saw George < but Just the actions and the sound terrified me. 1 
tried to call police as 1 stated - but I had nothing to go on but a noise. He started the car and drove slowly away from my window 
with its lights off. I shook uncontrollably. I did not understand why he had not let me know he was there - he usually did. I slept on the 
floor with my phone all night; Next morning I found the shoe and the earrings, Just as stated before, and I took them Inside the annex 
and I asked the girls there {and I probably can remember In hypnosis} If they knew who they belonged to and they didn't and said to put 
them back. I did. I called Theta house and asked for George and the girl who answered the phone told me she was still out with her 
boyfriend. I thought George was ok and had gone back to the Beta house -but I was still terrified of Ted. He had never done that before 
that I knew about and it made me wonder how many times he had been parking outside of my window without the signal. I never 
talked to him again -1 took my test and immediately left for Tacoma and I left to go to California because I feared his anger at me in 
withdrawing from the relationship and I Just couldn't stay In it any longer. I wanted distance and I wanted a real boyfriend, someone 
who I could share with friend s and who didn't frighten me with the physical overpowering {even If for the majority of the time It was 
never designed to hurt me - that part is true - It's Just the way It was done - It's not normal}, I had never been with anyone before him - 
never had a long serious relationship. We moved too much -1 went to four high schools In four years and I was a quiet, smart, 
intellectual and solid stable if not naive young woman. I was the type of person who took care of Injured animals, took care of people's 
feelings and nurtured— I raised a baby racxxx)n that was to be put down - she was only 3 days old when 1 got her and I managed to 
raise her successfully to adulthood and to place her with a family in Oregon who had a farm, Ted came down to Tacoma and drove by 
my house when my parents were gone to see her and that is the only time I remember specifically that he did that {most of the time we 
rendezvous’d at UPS and then went from there} and we visited for awhile an d we had an Intellectual argument on wild animals and 
whether they were trustworthy and I vigorously defended my beliefs on that subject - which was In support of the animals. 

The Corvallis Incident was not meant to hurt me but to take from me by physical overpowering the complete physical relationship he 
wanted from me. But it was terrifying for me. My Injuries were done In Tacoma and they were bad: I never went to a hospital but 
probably should have. I developed severe endometriosis {normally only seen In seat belt Injury or violent rape} on neariy ever organ 
and space in the abdomen as well as on my lungs, Doctors said it was the worse case they had ever seen. 

My friends are rallying around me now and I did not realize until now how concerned they had been -1 had been so isolated from them 


Subj: Re; Somelhing else 

Date; 8^17/01 8:41:18 AM Pacific Daylight Time 

From: AwfSIr 

To: Ani^R37 

Arm - there is one more memory, or usual that surfaces periodically, and I am not sure whether it is an actual event, a 
cortipdsife, dr totally ima{0ned. Sometimes, when I am remembering that rdght, I have ah irhage of this man Off crutches, it’s 
very fiszy. Sometimes he seems to appear fiom nowhere in the ail^ when I have my back turned watctung Manfred. I sense 
the presence of someone else and I turn around. I see his form and I feet totally alarmed. Why would a man on crutches te 
out this late in this alley and why this man that I keep seeing? But I camt seem to get past tNs irndal visual and it fades so it 
nnakes me tiiink that 1 mi»t be imagirnng it. Also, sometimes it is tl^ image and other times I am heading back to the 
Annex and t have to go around him to get to the safety my porch and Annex dorx and it seems like an eternity. Ihen it 
turns into this man on crutc^pes trying to make conversation w^th me as I attempt to get back Inside. I am standing on the 
bottom step of my Annex porch with Manfred and i don't want to be rude but I want to get away from him and I feel trapped. 
When these memories were corrung back, befr>re I actually saw this visual, or sets of visuals, I was haung Np pain of some 
unknown origin. Iheie was no reason tor it. This pain stopped once these visuals came out in the course of a counseling 
session. The counselor felt they could be real but to be horvest, I have no sense if they could be or not. Tlv^ seem disjointed 
from some of the other memories that I hav« of that night. I didn't include them in the f rst series of letters to you because they 
don't seem probable to rne. Thanks, Susan 

Monday, September 17,3001 Amertoa Onlfno: Aivfftr 

Paye; 1 

Citizen Complaint: SLR June 2017 

Document #2: ESAR finds Taylor Mountain- March 1975 = [158 finds] 


hair light brown 

[found 26' in E] 


rubber fragments - orn - 

balloon? [found 88' in E] 


silver jewelry clasp 

[found 52' in E] 


shotgun shell 

[found 195' in G] 


bone (leg? 10") 

[found CAP 126' in E] 


bones and hair (dung) 

[found 48' in G] 


hair (dark brown 3" x 8") 

[found 57' in G] 


human hair 

[found by CAP at 76' In G] 


4.5 X 0.5" bone 

[found by CAP at 76' in G] 


shotgun shell 

[found at 143' in H] 


hair light color 

[found by CAP at 60' in G] 


bone fragment 

[found at 55' in J] 


bullet, 22, slug only 

[found at 88' in G] 


bone small 

[found at 62' in H] 


shotgun shell 

[found at 51' in J] 


many bone fragments 

[found by CAP at 74' in G] 


bones (animal?) 


bone fragment 

[found at 65' in J] 


hair in dung 

[found by search dogs no location noted] 


bone fragment 

[found at 12' in H] 


bone 8" X1" 

[found by CAP at 74' in G] 


blond hair 

[found by CAP at 72' in G] 


black pen 

[found at 145' in H] 


bone fragment 

[location not noted] 


hair blond 

[found by CAP at 74' in G] 


bone fragments 

[found at 142' in 1] 


bullet slug 

[found at 157' in 1] 


bolt, nut and washer 

[found at 275' In F] 


jaw fragment 

[found at 36' in J] 


22 slug 

[no location noted] 


cork, shoe material 

[found at 165' in J] 


hair blond 

[found by CAP at 74' in G] 


bone fragment 

[found at 212' in F] 


hair in dung 

[found by search dogs, location not noted] 


bone, smali 

[found at 111' in H] 



[found at 48' in 1000/1000] 


jawbone with teeth 

[found at 88' in 1000/1000] 



[found at 70'in 1000/1000] 



[found at 114' in 1000/1000] 


brown hair 

[found at 114' in 1000/1000] 


blond hair 

[found by CAP at 146' in G] 


not identified 

[found by search dogs - no location given] 


bone fragment 

[found at 56' in 1] 


38 and 22 hollow bullets 

[found at 124' in 1] 


22 bullet 

[found at 115' in 1] 

Research, Analysis & Documents Associated to Complaint Copyrighted by SLR 2017 

Page 9 

Citizen Complaint: SLR June 2017 

Document #2: ESAR finds Taylor Mountain- March 1975 = [158 finds] 





[found at 57' in H] 


(2) 38 cal casings sp. 

(found at 57' in H] 


woman's underwear 

[found by dogs at 156' from tnt. of A and B] 


empty potato chip box 

[not noted as to location] 


plastic baggie 

[not noted as to location] 


bone fragment in dung 

[found by dogs not noted as to location] 


possible grave 

[found at 56' in F] 


rubberlike material 

[no location given] 


plastic snug tie 

Keppel [found 16' from find #124 Int. of A and B] 


22 slug 

[found at 79' in 1] 


22 slug 

[found at 57' in H] 


3 slugs 22 caliber 

[found at 146' in 1] 


small bone 

[found at 173' in J] 


shotgun shell 

[found at 108' in 1] 


4 beer caps, sandwich wrapper 

[no location noted] 


fur, skin 


bone fragment 

[found at 123' in H] 



Keppel [found 177' inter. A & B] 


bone and fragment 

[location not noted] 


bones, rib, teeth 

[location not noted] 


explosive device 

(location not noted] 


bone in animal dung 

[found at 53' in K] 


bone 10" long 

[found by search dogs] 



[found by search dogs] 


blue suitcase 

[no location noted] 



[location not noted] 


no item listed 

[find noted at 78' in K] 


bone 0.5 x 6" 

[found by CAP at 104' L] 



[found by search dogs, no location given] 



[found 54' in M] 


small bones in dung 

[found by CAP at 9' in L] 


4 small bones 

[found 170' inter. A 8i B] 


part of a tooth 

[found 155' in M] 


bone chips 

(location not given] 


toenail in dung? 

[found by CAP at 66' in L] 



[no location given] 


2 small bones 

[found by Det. Roger Dunn, location not noted] 

Note: On the maps of the search area of Taylor Mountain, across the stream from where find #30 [blue 
jean material], #55 [tennis shoe], #80 [bone], #57 [clothing] and #58 [green coat] is marked with an "x" 
simply "clothing pile". This is not noted on the finds list. Is this something they found as a "pile" and did 
not note It as deemed it insignificant or is this where they tossed any clothing items [in a general pile]? 

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Citizen Complaint: SLR June 2017 

Lean-to shelter, plastic line tarp, soup can [#68]; animal vertebra [#69]; animal jawbone by fence 
[#70]; vertebrae [2 animal] by fence [#71]; bolt, nut, washer [#103]; bone fragment [#108]; 
possible grave [#128] 

8] Found within quadrant G : 

Shotgun shell [#79]; bones and hair dung [#81]; dark brown hair (#82]; human hair [#83]; 4.5 x 
0.5 bone [#84]; hair light color [#86]; bullet 22 slug only [#88]; many bone fragments [#91]; 
bone 8" x 1" [#96]; blond hair [#97]; blond hair [#100]; blond hair [#107]; blond hair [#116] 

9] Found within quadrant H 

Shotgun shell [#85]; small bone [#89]; bone fragment [#95]; black pen [#98]; small bone [#110]; 
bone [#122]; 22 slug [#132]; bone fragment [#138] 

10] Found within quadrant I 

Bone fragments [#101]; bullet slug [#102]; bone fragment [#118]; 38 & 22 hollow bullets[ #119]; 
22 bullet [#120]; 2.38 cal casings sp [#123]; 22 slug [#131]; 3 slugs (22 cal.) [#133]; shotgun shell 

11] Found within quadrant J 

Bone fragment [#87]; shotgun shell [#90]; bone fragment [#93]; jaw fragment [#104]; cork shoe 
material [#106]; small bone [#134] 

12] Found within quadrant K 

Bone in animal dung [#143]; unlabeled find [#148] given as location 78' in quadrant K 

13] Found in quadrant L 

Bone 0.5 x 6" [#146]; Small bones in dung [#152]; toenail in dung? [#156] 

14] Found in quadrant M 

Bone [#151]; part of a tooth [#154] 

15] Found at the intersection of quadrant A and B 

Women's underwear [#124] identified in another document as 3 bras; screwdriver [#139]; 4 
small bones [#153] 

Location of Reference Stations on Tayior Mountain from KCSO ESAR files, stamped "Original" 

Station A: From 1000/1000 72' - 337' 

Station B: On 4 x 4" concrete post lO'W of 1700' mark on SL 51 

Station C: Coordinates are not given 

Station D: From 1000/1000 360'-142, then 335' - 53' 

Station E: From 1000/1000 265' - 325' 

Station F: On large Douglas Fir tree at sharp end of road B [about 250' from intersection] 

Station G: From Station E 343' -128' 

Station H: From Station G 216' - 228' 

Station I: 28' due W of Bench Mark [south of section marker beside powerline road] 

Station J: From Station H 350’ - 218' 

Station L From Section Marker near Powerline Road 124' - 234' 

1000/1000 At intersection of SL 50 and SL 51 [large alder with blazes on it] 

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Citizen Complaint: SLR June 2017 

Note; the following search finds [identified by their numbers on the search list for Taylor Mountain 
were examined by Sweeney and determined to be not human; #7, #8, #11, #26, #39,, #49, #54, #69, 

#84, #104, #141; #145; #151. Many of the finds were not marked as to location found. Further, the 
relationship between finds Is not recognized simply by the way the grids were created. For example, a 
find may appear in a grid but actually be close to a find in another grid. Or, finds within a grid may be 
further apart from each other than some finds in a neighboring grid. This is not easily analyzed from the 
way the data at the scene was collected and no document that I could find cross referenced the finds in 
this manner. Also, if distance notations of a find were included, how many feet in a certain direction that 
the find was located, relative to other finds in the area per the layout of the reference stations and grid 
lines, is also important. There has never been a public discussion of the Taylor Mountain site relative to 
its importance in the development of a serial killer. Because the public has believed Keppel's version 
that it "paled in significance" to Issaquah and that Bundy just used it as a dumping ground, it has not 
been studied to the extent it should have been. 

Further Analysis Examples of Taylor Mountain (using the maps to cross reference the finds): 

1] Ammunition finds; #131 and #123 were found by powerline road in section I. #123 was found 
by the section mark. 

2} The skull find [#22] in quadrant A was actually found near a thermos bottle (#27] which was not 
marked as to location in the finds list but was noted in location on the map. Near the skull were 
also found red cloth [#61] and a jawbone [#63]. Additionally, women's clothing #124 {bras} 
was found at the intersection of A 8i B - so was a screwdriver [#139] and 4 small bones [#153]. 

3] Blue suitcase #146 was found by #107 blond hair - the blue suitcase was not marked by Its 

location but the blond hair found in #107 was located in grid G at 108'. Section G also contained 
ammunition; several finds of hair; and bones. 

3] #83 [human hair], #97 [blond hair], #82 [hair dark brown], #81 [bones and hair], #95 [bone 

fragment] were all found in proximity to each other even though separated by grid lines. 

5] Find #111 [skull] was found south of the other skull on the map in another grid area across 
search line 50. 

6] In vicinity of station E on map; #78 [jewelry clasp]; #72 [light brown hair]; #73 [light brown hair]; 
#8 [bones] 

7] Find #14 was found by #8 - these were groupings of bones. It was Identified on the map drawn 
by ESAR and set apart from the other finds but In the actual list #8 and #14 were not described 
by designated area. 

8] Find #106 cork-shoe material was found in J along with bone fragments and jaw fragment. 

Cork - shoe material could be significant as a few of the girls were wearing shoes of a type that 
could contain cork material such as clogs worn by Georgann Hawkins. Where is this evidence 
and why wasn't it tested for DNA when DNA became available? In fact, why wasn't any of this 
evidence other than bones tested for DNA? 

This was a major crime scene and yet the clothing of the women, much of it identified as women's, even 
including bras, was treated without recognizing how valuable it was long term, not even describing it or 
at times even noting where an item had been found. There is also the question of the "clothing pile" 
noted by the stream. Were the ESAR and officers on scene dumping clothing items there or was it an 
actual dump site of clothing and if the latter - what was in that pile? Additionally, there were multiple 
finds of animal activity: dung with bones; scat; etc. The presence of this indicates animals had scattered 

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Citizen Complaint: SLR June 2017 

remains and coupled with evidence of possible graves, clothing and weapons that skulls were not 
dumped there and bodies left elsewhere as Keppel claimed - it was an active killing ground. 

Findings of additional remains of unidentified victim[s]: King County Department of Public 
Safety - Search Mission Report 

Mission Commander; G. McKinney/K. Wardstrom, KCP 
Location: Taylor Mountain 

Summary: Bones found to identify four missing females from the northwest area. WESAR and CAP 
conducted the evidence search for the bones under the direction of the King County police. One set of 
bones were found that could not be identified. 

Date: 3-3-1975 through 3-8-1975 

Note: Civil Air Patrol issued a report on Taylor Mountain site as well as part of their service. On that 
report they listed the specific finds they had discovered and noted that the area coordinates put the 
location at Tiger Mountain. In some of the documents throughout the case, there are references to 
both Tiger Mountain and Taylor Mountain, though the area being discussed seems to be the same. 

Superior Court Evidence Lists [shows extent of evidence that was publicly denied] 

3-3-1975 Submitted by Kay Sweeney 

Items listed as Superior Court Evidence: Mandible with teeth; skull with gold crown and plate; soil 
sample by mandible; white paper; mandible with teeth missing; bone and hoof pieces; hair, brown and 
blonde; tooth under mandible. 

3-5-1975 Submitted by Ted Forrester 

Items listed as Superior Court Evidence: shirt, white with brown print; bone; jacket yellow; bone; skull 
3-10-1975 Submitted by Robert Keppel 

Items listed as Superior Court Evidence: bone [#200]; bone [#201]; bone [#201]; bone [#203] all of these 
were found by Civil Air Patrol. 

3-8-1975 Submitted by Robert Keppel 

Items listed as Superior Court Evidence: hair; bone; shotgun shell; group of bones; shotgun casings; 
bone fragments; large bone and fragment; hair; hair; bone; bones in animal dung; hair; hair; bone 
animal; bones; hair; bullets. 

Note: the hair submitted by Robert Keppel included find #83 [human hair]; #97 [blond hair]; #86 
[light color hair]; #107 [blond hair]; #116 [blond hair]; #100 [blond hair]; 

3-8-1975 Submitted by Robert Keppel 

Items listed as Superior Court Evidence [cont'd]: .38 casings, .22 bullets; .22 bullets; 3 bras and plastic; 
snug ties; screwdriver; bones; bone; bottle caps and plastic; bone animal; teeth and hair animal; bone; 
bones; animal dung; bones; bones with animal dung; bone; toenail. 

3-5-1975 Submitted by Paul Smith 

Items listed as Superior Court Evidence: bones; bones; bone; bone. 

3-6-1975 Submitted by Kay Sweeney 

Items listed as Superior Court Evidence: bone; 2 bones; bone; jacket-purple; hair [#44 short blonde]; 
bone fragment; white clothing; blue green print material; bone; bone; animal scat; tennis shoe; material 
[#57 which is described by ESAR as clothing]]. 

3-7-1975 Submitted by Kay Sweeney 

Items listed as Superior Court Evidence: green military type coat; letter; hair [#65 described by ESAR as 2 
clumps]; pieces of skull; piece of jawbone; piece of jawbone; tooth. 

3-7-1975 Submitted by Robert Keppel 

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Items listed as Superior Court Evidence: bone [he notes it as search find 69 and possible animal 
vertebrae]; plastic line and tarp from the lean-to; hair [he notes as #72 which ESAR describes as light 
brown]; hair [he notes it as #73 which ESAR describes as light brown]; hair [he notes it as #74 which 
ESAR describes as light brown]; and hair [he notes it as #76 which ESAR describes as light brown]; 
orange rubber [he notes #77 which ESAR describes as rubber fragments orn?]; metal clasp [he notes it 
as #78 which ESAR describes as a silver jewelry clasp]; shotgun shell; bone; animal dung; hair [he notes it 
as #82 which ESAR describes as dark brown]. 

3-4-1975 Submitted by Ted Forrester 

Items listed as Superior Court Evidence: miscellaneous bones and white hair; misc hair [notes as #4 
which ESAR does not identify by color]; misc hair [he notes as #5 which ESAR describes as blond]; bone; 
bone; bone and hair [he notes as #8 which ESAR describes as bone only]; nylon cord; dark cloth [he 
notes as #10 which ESAR describes as only as clothing]; two bones; red material fabric [which he notes 
as #13 which ESAR describes only as clothing. 

3-2-1975 Submitted by Robert Keppel 

Items listed as Superior Court Evidence; 1 plastic bag with miscellaneous leaves and dirt of depression 
where skull was laying. 

The thermos #27 found by skull #22 does not seem to have been submitted for Superior Court Evidence 
yet close to it were the remains of more than one victim and other items of evidence which was 

All of these reports are stamped, "Original Submit to records with Case Report". All of these, regardless 
of who submitted them, note that Robert Keppel Is assigned as the detective for the case. He knew the 
full extent of the evidence that was found despite his comments to the contrary In "Riverman". 

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Fig. 3 This list details the remaining documentation from the Bundy years moved to Archives. It is 
noted "Closed Homicide Files: Ted Bundy" yet in these files is the evidence that Taylor Mountain had 
been misrepresented to the public and evidence critical to Georgann Hawkins' case who is still missing, 

Page 16 

Citizen Complaint: SLR June 2017 

lr»L* Afcltivcs ii.'iff, m coo'Cinatiort aiUi Uw Sjliwiffs OHlce legal ur>:t, did the rcxlnctiofi tof 
:>ie bi.ik of the buncy iivjteriai. In'onnation v.-os redacted by Public Disclosure exernptioft. 
The fcdactwi s-el Is cerret^l c|)en for fOvk^^^. The otigirrals ate c'osed for 7fj yea's are 
Ijeiity kept in tite Arrives to p.'\« the historical record pursuant to RCW “lO.l'I.OSO. I 
vroukJ like trie Archives to be Involvtc! hi any ledaction of the box tn qtiestior’ to assure 
tne pieservat on ol the historical record white protecting the privacy of the victims and 
their families. 

Please let nte kt>ow if you have qiif=stioris o- concerns. 

Deborah Kenctedy 

CGunly Aicttivist 
1215 E, Fir Street 
Seettie/ VrA 9fil22 


1 b;ive a maw address ploase update your address book to 

liVomi GrttefS, D& 

Si^nlr TbwrvUv^ Apn. 01, 21KM> 9.31 AM 

Cq; Tony; UriNtverhf. Scolt; Petty. KimL-trly; Toi'iH. Mark, Sf'ieMv, Pjttv; KwiiulV. 

Debci^li; ) 9 r,sen, Tr>DiTids 
Stibiibat RK: '51^; 

VA lilu^ illue KCS<) unil lo JN** in vBumK 

l>o:% biri-ori" it goi\s tc> Hrcl>iviis». 


t L D H ( * Ul !>:• 

Ktiig I'.inuHy 'Dniri- 

IVl Crinut^ {} nU 
(206) 205.7K2:i 

Fromi Jenser^ TliOfru!is 

Sapb Thursday^ April 03, 200^8 9:22 AM 

T©; KcniieUy, Deberoh 

OC! Adams, Tony; Unclwelir, Scott; Petty, lOmDerly; Forier, Mark; Gales, DB; Slieiledy, 

Fig. 4. Internal email which states that the Bundy files were to be closed for 75 years and being 
moved to the Archives to preserve the historical record. Considering that much information had been 
lost or misplaced per other internal memos and that Keppel was publishing about these cases for profit 
while some remained unsolved raises questions as to public accountability and responsibility. 

Research, Analysis & Documents Associated to Complaint Copyrighted by SLR 2017 

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Citizen Complaint: SLR June 2017 

McNabb, Anthony 

^ronr: Gates, OB 

mt Friday, July 15, 201'5 12:53 PM 

I o; Jenacn, Thomas 

Cc: Tonor, Mark; Crnnshaw. Raphael; MnNabb, .Vithony'; R^-d, Johr; Allen, J:amc>5i-Dei^.tr/&HJC 

Stibjecti l eri Bundy and ^ones 


Kathy Taylor called today. Her ottice has a bin of bones, irie bin i.s iabele^l *‘PA>ndy" and has lots of non- 
human bones in it. 

But there Is at least one fiuinan tibia and fibula in this bin^ and possibly one moro human tibia. 

Kathy thinks based on a description Bundy gave to Koppe) in an interview that these may be bones 
belonging to Georgeanne Hawkins. If I rememhnr correctly Hav-vkins went missing ham Seatlle, 

She says the only paperwork .she has with the bin of bones is KCSO number 75-29267, which 3 think is the 
Bundy nuniber. The paperwork also says the bin was signed over to the M.F.'s offirp. on 03.00,84. 

Can you research what you car find on the bln being taken to the M.Ts In ll?a4? Vm just guessing Gr^en 
River may have had someihlng to do vjith ih:s transfor. 

Has there ever been ON.A collected from any of the missing ’’Hundy" victims that you know of? I'm 
thinking if we can conluci Uie larmily of ihesc-* rnivsings we can put the North Texas lab to work and 
possibly identify ihes^e victims for free, 
let me know, 


Fig. 5 Internal memo stating that Kathy Taylor of the ME office called and that there was a bin of bones 
in that office labeled "Bundy". The bones were nonhuman but in the bin are at least one human tibia 
and fibula and possibly on more human tibia. Kathy believes that these could be the remains of 
Georgann Hawkins. The date is 2005. These bones were not sent to Texas. A tibia and a fibula would 
have been clearly marked as such and Georgann Hawkins had a deformity of those bones which could 
have been confirmed as a match by x-ray. What happened to these? The bones sent to TX were 
collected from a box. Also, the TX bones were not skulls but skeletal remains, contradicting Keppel's 
public accounts. In this memo the bin of bones is identified specifically as "75-29267" which is the 
Taylor Mountain investigation. You have a bin of bones identified specifically as tibias and fibula, bones 
that could have identified Hawkins, with the case number of Taylor Mountain and not Issaquah. When 
Keppel conducted the search at Issaquah did he know she had been found at Taylor Mountain and that's 
why he didn't stay on site? These bones were viable evidence in 2005 - what happened to these in 

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Citizen Complaint: SLR June 2017 



Jo/isert, "(lionas 


Wednesday, Apri 23,. 2008 11.56 


Kennedy, Deborah; Gates. D3 


Adams. Tony; Landwenr, Scott: Petty, Kamberly; Toner, Mark; 

Shelledy, Petty. Conquergood. Mart 


RE; Bu.'Kly frvestigatioa f Jes 

1 hav& ccrf>pi$Taci rtiy review of the maieriaf in Ihls Uix. I have also re:;eiveci a letter fnom 
MaUnev/ Conqjergcod cf Ihe Records Canlar atong with a fcrrn entiled ‘Dispcsition 
Aulhorzation Kol‘ce' for this ocx (assjme that since di s 'jox has 'reached ihe end of Us 
legal ratertlon pciod' at me Records Canter it nay r\ow 3e tnansfe-Ted to Archives. ! 
have d'Scussed Inis widi Sgt Gates. KCSO Maior Crimes Jnit, and me pia/^ Is to have 
tWs bcx sent to the office of the KCSO Legal Aovisor, Pady SheJledy for the redaction 
process. A copy of this email from Deba-'ah Kennedy requesting to be invcfven n the 
redaction wll be needed whn the bcx The Disposition Authorization Notice wil) be 
returned to Matthew Conqaergood v/ith a note detailing the current location and 
anticipated disposition of this bcx. 

The Majcr Crimes Unit retains a small numoer o" photocopied documencs from ine Bundy 
material because of the possibility that the Hawkins remains could be oiscovereo at some 
time in the hjture. What I had hoped to find In this oox was some documentation about 
the search theiv/os conoucted in 1988 or 1980 based on Bundy’s statements to Kcppei. 

If anyone overcomes across such documenteton the Major Crimea Ur kwoud 
appreciate a copy. Do not send it directly to me because Iho relentior period for old 
detectives is not nearly as weK defined. 

Turn Jensen 

King County SheriiT's OlTico 
Ma.joif Crimes Uril 

Qraen River Homicides Inve^feigation 


From; K^iruedy, Deborah 

Sent: 1 rrursday^r April 03, 2008 10^03 AM 

Toj Gate^, OB 

Cc: Adants, Tony; Landvvelir, Scott; PcAty^ Kimberly; Toner, Mark; Sheltedy^ Patty? 
Jense.n, Thomas 

Subject: RE: Bundy investigation 

Fig. 6 Thomas Jensen memo detailing how no one could find the search that was conducted for 
Georgann Hawkins by Robert Keppel in 1989 after Bund/s death. That search was not coded with 
either Hawkins or Taylor Mountain case number. 

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Citizen Complaint: SLR June 2017 













additional JNFOHMATJON SHEET/OPWCER'5 report 


I? N I |l !2j3j3i 7-7 





BPrS - 



TWE - 






{M-30^89 1130 A msec lug v»» btl-d at an initial staging area in tbo 

City i>t laaaqaah to discuss a primary seiirch oi an araa that possibly 
contalnad the remain® of one of Ted Bundy's victims, Tbose present at tbls 
briefing vere Captain Robert Kvans, Robert Kep»l--5tate Attornay Gen-erel's 
Officoj Bill Bagltmd—King County Medical Ex4«in«r's OffioSj Sergeant Siruce 
Patersonp Detective Cecil Ray and I- 

01-30'*89 1^05 We all proceeded to an area vblcA can be described as 

land that vae owned by Berllngton Korthem Railroad approac. miles west of 
Blgh Point Road, and approx*450 to 500 feet north of the site Itself 

ves apprcpc, 250'' north of an abandoned railroad grade vhicli runs parallel to 
1-90 it) a east vest direction and ie on the west aide of a trail that runs 
north off of the railroad grade* The area of concentration wee approx, 209' 
north of and area that tvo sets of human remains vere discovered and coi^d be 
attributable to Bundy's krilXlmg spree* Oat. Ray and 1 began to dig in an 
area about 5' off of the northwest shoulder of the trail* The radius of our 
excavation attempt was approx. 8^ and the depth vae up to IB^' In some spots. 
It was d«ter»lned that this attempt va® a futile one due to the area to be 
covered., A decision was made to come baclc at a later time with heavy 
equipment and additionol manpover to process this location properly* 

Prior to our going hack to this sltei Detr Key and Ii 
through the Departmect of Afiseesiients determined the owners of this lend, 
obtained maps of the area mtd pasied this inforwation on to Capt- Bvans and 
Sgt. Peterson^ 

02-15-B9 0800 The following individuals met at the location of l-Kl 

and the High Point Way off ramp prior to proceeding to the excavation sitei 

n rA., 



CHJWB; Malcolin V i 


QI12& _ 





KooRs e^tos i/§s 

Fig. 7 Hawkins search by Keppel after Bundy execution. The report was never identified as related to 
Bundy nor was it given Hawkins' specific ID. Instead it was classified as Issaquah - why? Hawkins was 
originally grouped with the girls found on Taylor Mountain as she went missing near the time of Brenda 
Ball and Roberta Parks. So why did Keppel put her search as Issaquah when there was nothing in the 

Research, Analysis & Documents Associated to Complaint Copyrighted by SLR 2017 

Page 20 

SAR of that site to suggest that Bundy took her there? What did Bundy really say to Keppel and where^ 
are the remains that the ME found of the tibia and fibula that could have been Georgann's? Why didn't 
Keppel stay at the search site of Issaquah? Why didn't he reexamine the physical evidence found at the 
scene of Taylor Mountain or at Issaquah -the girls' bras, the items of clothing and in particular the shoe 
cork material? Years later, this report could not be found. On 7-24-20151 called KCSO and talked to Jan 
Gregory who was handling Hawkins missing person case. Per Jan, her case number was 75-29267 which 
is Taylor Mountain and not Issaquah, If Bundy stated Issaquah, then why is it now Taylor Mountain? 

Apr. 18. 2098 A:21f’M 

*0.1752 P. 2 



pouoi ovAfiTwcAfr 

Qiim _ 







[ oiwwiiji a uwu BAwmrr; iic. 




wiawwivi wcowwQ 

AOomokM. tvon q 

ninnoA uMowjnMM I 


>U. NMtlLti Of vnilMOaATIflM*, 

Thin fell cpvt \jp changoA, tiho cliiaaificfltiQjra of- thlR S 121 .Irom MIflSIMa ADULT 

XA,HQMICIDZ;;,-flnd fllHa. 

?. CUftfM thn ca4a RXCgmOKM^I^Y. 

3--fhB victim CBOHGAMM HAWKIHB. W f 008/082085. waa mportad alaalnn on Mll?d. 

-Her r»ni«iiw otara l«fr founfl. with PQMltlv Idantlflcatlon._¥■«- 

-not TfBiaMtfiia rt Mirt.iltin*.------- 


Thg aujpa e t THEODORE KQSZRT BUNDY _ W M DOB/1124aG. vhilo awaitlmr m 

a^ntenca Ir. FLORIDA, oonfotnod to hor aura«r._• 

exag CT.^wm> except tonal-suspkct deceased. 


utyurmATmt omctu 






A Ji A 


^ H^A( C/A .... f 

Fig. 8 Georgann Hawkins case cleared exceptionally on date of Jan 111992. The same year that WA 
State and FBI declared the cases of Bundy "unsolvable" in the Interagency 1992 report. Within three 

fiiTif I* 

Research, Analysis & Documents Associated to Complaint Copyrighted by SLR 2017 

Page 21 

Citizen Complaint: SLR June 2017 

years Keppel published for profit the book "Riverman" which misdirected the case in the public eye and 
in 1999 the same year he retired, some evidence, per internal memo, was lost and/or destroyed. 






Follow-Up Report 

. .‘ Of WCK>£lfr 

Missing Person 




4621 17 AVNE 


Hawkins, Oeorgann (-) 



CASE ♦pcs^iWLOjuwicn; 

oisi»ostTioM: Open 




1 <iK^TmiaiwAK8...0(H£AS-«san--aBiMf^^ 
«t8POiniOM^-4MLUl. rn;. ASfOttT CAHIIY MCUM 

H { SUMfStnt : 




D/C The above missing person was erroneously removed fmm WAC3C/NC1C. Stie is beSeved to be a victim 
of Ted Bundy, but her body has not been located. 

Please re-enter the following missing person into WACIC^CIC: 


D/C Thie Incident is cioas-raferenced wUlu KCPO incider^t #76-029^ 

0/C Please enter the following Information In the misoenaneous section: 

DNA/Y/DLO/Unlver^ Of North Tewis Health Science Center DMA Identity Laboratory. Fort Worth TX1- 
817-735*^0606, associated with OR! WAKCSOOOO. Incident #75-020287, 

oi^fictA'i pwntomuE 

DeL R, Drain 


DiBTmaLJiioM; Rscceoc Derscnves pfuicwcTf) onmiMn' » .AivsNif othir 

Fig. 9 It wasn't until 2008 that KCSO reopened the Hawkins case and listed her as a missing person. They 
also classified Hawkins as "Incident 75-29267" which is the Taylor Mountain death investigation number. 
If Keppel was so sure, and KCSO was so sure she was Issaquah, why was she assigned Taylor Mountain 
investigation number and also why were bones which could have identified her given to the ME in a bin 
with animal bones marked specifically with Bundy and Taylor Mountain number? 

Research, Analysis & Documents Associated to Complaint Copyrighted by SLR 2017 

Page 22 

Citizen Complaint; SLR June 2017 

Interagency Meeting Notes after Bundy's Execution: Statements About Woman He Abducted 
& Also Statements About Keppel Being "Sensitive" About The Finds On Taylor Mountain 

they be aMtic.tlons or vh*t«ver, lie seid there vere e ttwher ol ehdticti'une vhere 
he didn't 3cill> vhcre he ^hpuld'e get ceiight Where people juet didn't tell- I 
cwi't cell you vhere they vere or vhen or vho« Vhen he wab out at Tonple in 

fennoylvaaiia I guess he had gone up to Wew York to vetch horror flicks up there 

and case some vomen op there t tiov aaybe he grabbed a couple there, maybe he 
didn't. 1 understand that he told soaebody that he night have killed a girl in 
New Jersey. I asked him about that and he just laughed and said, ”Soipe people 

will believe anything, just tell them what they vanna hear." Now maybe he ves 

nanlpulatlng me. The last tine that I spoke to hin, the next to the last tiii« 1 
spoke to him, he said, "You've got all 30," and then vhen I saw hin a little hit 
later that afternoon which vas on the eve of his death I said, "Is that It?" and 
he said, "Yeah, but ve're gunna over to specifics, especially the Utah stuff 
tonight," and then he got ticked, you know when he wasn't allowed to see DIANA 
and so when FRED (last name?) went back in I asked hiw, I said, •Vould you ask 
him if he gave me everything?*' FRED cane out in the norning, PAlFt. and I stayed 
up oil night, as well as PgTB TUKNBE, and Reverend took me aside and said, "Ve 
really didn't talk aboui the crlnes, hut he says you got everything." And then 
when PETE vent in again with the tape and I think he related to PETB that you 
got it all but he gave some specifics a little bit on two more cases is that 
right? PAUh, 1 don't mean to pul words your mouth but that's was the inference 
that I got. So, luaybe he killed more than 30, 1 don't know, but he told me that 
three or four times and he said that's it, people vtll never want to believe it 
or they're gunna believe vhat they vent to beer or they're gunna, you know, 
they're.♦.be just said that, "Vould you rather solve a case where a guy killed 
one person or a hundred people? Once they burn me anybody can say anything," 
and ve just don't know you know, that' people will know that, T won't. 
And even then It's gunna be your Investigator of expertise -and sharing things, 
putting together where he was and vhat bodies ve find, Nov some of them he felt 
extremely helpless on. Vben 1 had him that one night he just said, "This is 
fuck up, I didn't plan, 1 wasn't in my (uniuielligibJe.,. thing which he retied 
unintelligible) he VM going cui atalklng people, I vas just drinking, I'd find 

Note: Highlighted areas in the document show the references that indicate they knew Bundy had left a 
survivor of multiple kidnappings and that he was stalking. Bundy made a specific reference to a sorority 
girl and my memories contain specific case details present before records were released. This is 
discrimination by the Attorney General Office of WA and police entities of WA State. 

Research, Analysis & Documents Associated to Compiaint Copyrighted by SLR 2017 

Page 23 

Citizen Complaint: SLR June 2017 

to that departjiiani first, I think that's wrong to do that. That's why I have 
not said one word to the media before all of you have gotten here. Maybe you 
see it o different vay^ I don't know. 

? hook what (??) It seen© to ne that there's, he was not disclosing Stofi 

^ that occuiTod prlor^ to '74r this academically (77) 

bj No. 

? Is that true and if so or is it true, and if so, Is there a reason for 
^ that? because a lot of ua, our caaea are really '72 to '73, 

b; I'm into {his?) tine here, I don't have »y notes, A a lot of my stuff 
I don't have on tape because he was gunna go from seven or eight years old when 
things started happening to him when other people should have recognised those 
things and perhaps they did and did not want to admit them occurring. Nobody 
becowes a TED hUNDY overnight, he was extremely protective of his fainily. It 
served no useful purpose to talk about things that happened there because his 
family is still alive and others, it would Just perhaps be Injured a lot to tell 
about those kind of things, but I was planning for that last night and you new I 
can't say that enougit that I let him sleep, he was real,.,when DENNIS got out of 
there with him he was really drained, and the last night was the night ve were 
guaina go over everything, hg aaidt wMl I don't have notes, but that '73 va» 
his first murder and 1 think it was in Oregon If I remember correctly , And I 
don't have a whole lot of specifics on that. The same as whan I find him alone 
I really tried to find out about those four heads on Taylor Mountain 'cause I 
knew BOB was sensitive about that, 1 couldn't get him to tell ne where the 
other, Che rest of those bodies were except that they were probably not near the 
lieads 'cause he probably kept the heads longer, that was the inference I got. 
But he said he started killing in '73, Nov J know he's told Kowe people in '69 
that he had done some things* He fold me had made soma dry runs, now whether 

- 8 ^ 

Fig. 9 The above shows awareness of the survivor of kidnappings [me] in that Bundy stated these 
kidnappings were "dry runs". He also stated he was stalking a sorority girl and my locations mirror those 
of the locations he went to in Florida in a rage. A dry run is against a target by every definition I can find. 
The other key piece in the conversation is Bill HagmaieKs comment that he tried to find out about the 
four heads found on Taylor Mountain because "Bob" [Robert Keppel] was sensitive about that. It does 
not appear that Keppel had told FBI that there was more found at Taylor Mountain than just heads and 
that in fact only partial skulls were found along with skeletal remains. 

Research, Analysis & Documents Associated to Complaint Copyrighted by SLR 2017 

Page 24 

Citizen Complaint: SLR June 2017 

Subject; RE: [iundy Investtgation files 

Thanks for the explanatiwi of the difference bel^veen the Records Center and Archives. 1 
have al'ways itsed the words interchaii^eably and did r>nt know they were two different 

1 think I can offer the following explanation of how this tx)x came to be apart 'from the rest 
of the Bundy material. 

In three days before Bundy was to be executed. Bob Keppel a\ the Attorney 
General's Office interviewed Bundy In the Florida prison regarding the crimes he 
cominitted in Wash}r\gton In tha: interview Bundy provided details of the rnurder and 
disposHi^on of the body of one whrn, GEORGANNE RAWKINS. who w^as missing arsd 
has never been found. For wtiafevicf reason, Keppel reported to KCSO directly to 
the GRTF commander who at that time vvas Captain Boo Evans. Detectives of the 
8RTF were assigned to the subsequent unsuccessful search for the remains of Ms. 
HAWKINS. 1 suspect that following this search and any odter related follow up, this 
material was sent to the Records Center The person rested in 'Transmitted B/ was P. F. 
BOWEN, who was a detective assigned to the GRTF The majority of the material in this 
box Vtras generated or provided to the KCSO in 1909, it includes: 

f - Copies of Keppel’s ccrrespondencewith Bur\dv between die years of 1984 - 1989^ 

2 - Documents anc nc>t;€^s from conferences held after the January execution of Bundy 

3 *- A sIkJe presentalion containing crime scene and autopsy photographs (probably cf 
KCSO cases). 

4 - rfBfiscripts o'l Keppers and FBI interviews with Bundy, 

5 Two volumes of what appear lo be original records from the I970's investigation. 

One is a volume of Bundy's credit card receipts Another deals with his emptoymenl with 
the Staiie of Washington, also as a Corrections Consultant^ to King County to 'research 
the etfecliv’cnoss of correcttonal programs in King County., ' and his involvement v/ilfi the 
Seattle Crime Prevention Ccnmission. (Yes. I admit I got a bit of a chuckle out this 

My guess is’lrrat this box has never been reviewed or redacted with the nest of the Bundy 
material. )i would seem that the slides containing photos of the remains and autopsy 
photos would be exempt from public disclosure Should this box be sent to KCSO Legal 
Unit for redacting before being returned to archives to join the remainder of the Bundy 
case inatorials? It Ims no oonneclion to the GRTF and/or Rlcigv^rav investigations, 

Tom Jensen 

King County Sheriff's Office 
Major Crimes Unit 

Green River Homicides investigation 

Thomas jensen@kinycounty gov 

Fig. 10. Keppel's actions in the Hawkins search seemed confusing even to his own peers. 

Combined with his public statements that Taylor Mountain '"paled in significance" to Issaquah, that 
nothing was found at Taylor Mountain but skulls and jawbones [12 bones sent to TX were skeletal]; that 
Bill Hagmaier noted Keppel was "sensitive" about the heads found on Taylor Mountain and that 
evidence shows that Taylor Mountain was significant and a well-established crime scene raises 
questions about why Keppel was not truthful about Taylor Mountain to the public and what seems to be 
not forthcoming with other members of law enforcement. Why was this never checked by other 
investigators? What really happened behind the scenes? 

Research, Analysis & Documents Associated to Complaint Copyrighted by SLR 2017 

Page 25 

Citizen Complaint; SLR June 2017 



<|KG COliNTV SHfif.lFFS OfflCt 

114 ?(kird .ff^Bnufl^vv- f j £ 


■fen0i-2944fS5 » F-^2064W-Clryi 
L ibhr 

Aujjust 16.2(^05 

Uniwjnsity cjfNtuth Texas 
Health Science Center 
Missing Perstms DNvV Database 
DNA Laboraloiy 66950 
3500 Camp Bowie BJvd 
.Fort Worth, Texas 76107^964 

Uni dwetfied Humtt ti Runmins: 

mrQm m mniw.yr 

Tbcodurv nuniJy was a sciial kilkx that imirdcred appioxiraatd)' 30 woroett in Waslkiigion^ Oregon, Coli^mdo, IJfali, 
and I'Tofidbi in the inid 70’s. I Ks lulling spree began in the Seattle ana whh a total of eight victinw. Two of his eight 
%ictim5v Donria Maivson and Gcorgauinc Hawkins arc sliD cunuitly misstiig perils as Utdr i^uaiiis liave bet\o 

ibund, 11)0 icnuiioiitg six vitUms wtsfc nxovviwl at two difibreoi silcx. Janice Ott and Dcwlse Nnslaitd were nwvcrcd 
dowx the Tiger Mountain site Brenda Bail, Susan Rancourt Linds Hcaly. and Robccta Puiks wenp nwevered fronitho 
7hylpf Moirnfain sifr Rwtw|)v^ tsivo Jocsicd himtan renum:; u 2 sod 2 h:d t^ith <kc I3urdy inunJet victims found at tk 
1 aylor Mountain site. "IImxo remains are ibcwc of fll least two viooms, but we are unable to detconiw which two ’sictuns 
lhe>- belong to. It is also a possibilii)' ihi« the remains belong to an tirnikoLiGed viicurn, of the nilssiT^g pcnjotiif 

ass(K;iaiod witli tbc lituidy InvcMigoboii. 

^PMi m ^ um oiSL 

We are currently worltiing osx oblaiouig DNA from the family members of all the Seautc area Bamdy vicHittt. 
These DNA sampler will also be foiwanted in the near future tur DNA processing in hopes of ideiitil\ing tlw 
himvm maan^. 


Items A*L Skeletal Human remains. 


Exaniinc for DNA material, and if present, aacmpi u> establish an STR/Mitochondrial piofiSe. (Iscck these 
pR»tilw; for any maicljea of imidenlificd himuiu remains in CODIS/NDIS. Ujdoitd these profiles forhiturt? 



Dotoedve Rajihad Crensbaw 
Kins Cxixinty Sheriffs Office 
401 4’^ Avon. 

Kent, WA9?i032 
Desk 706-205-3425 

Fig.ll Letter stating that remains of at least two victims were found recently of those associated to 
Taylor Mountain. They were sent to TX for DNA testing. The remains were associated to the victims of 
Taylor Mountain and show that more than skulls was found there. Some of the remains could not be 

Research, Analysis & Documents Associated to Complaint Copyrighted by SLR 2017 

Page 26 

Citizen Complaint: SLR June 2017 

identified. Assumptions were made they were Linda Healy's but never proven. These bones need to be 
retested for other victims not yet known and ruled out. 

) A Tnt V*-. 

University of North Texas Health Science Center 
Missing Persons DNA Database 

35(M) Camp Bowk Blvd., Fort Worth 76X07 

Evidence Registrntxou Fom 

Nain-c of Mining _ _ 

Gerader of Missing Mah; Q Fcanftlf* L_ of Birth. 


Dh(k Laiit Seen 

^uJwe ol’Family iVUmbcr/Diinor __ 

Gender of KaroUv Mcmbcr^Tknw Male I I Female I 1 Oak of Bkch __ 

SKciataimsliip of FaajUy [\U/iibei'/t>n4^4'To Missla^ Person ___ 

Su6rtwtting Agcnc\" K\t^ 

Addreais M61 __ 

klOT Ti wiA> 

CfjEitacl tSamu t>gr. C fcee>»r'ViW _ 

Agency Cnje No, 

COOLS Speciineii B) NOv _ _ _ _ 

(If p/cTKAivly intu 

riimw No..- 10^15S-V«5 _Vax N(.-.26U' t OS- 5n,0 

UNTHSC: Item No. I Quanti’v Dcscripliou of Artiejc* 

Sample Ko, ] 

XTE»"» A-L 7t 1 ?AtKA(;ei «ciftCTW_ Hu^iS^ jej|^A<^ 

Date & Time Relcuscd By: 

Print Name: 

Released To: 

Received Bv: 


r/nfaltfd hj .\trpi>»sn 1 *. t 7 a.Tei;ci.*a 

Fig. 12. Shows 12 bones sent to TX were skeletal remains and not skulls and that they were human 
remains. It is proof these cases should have been protected. 

UXTHSC Case Number 


Research, Analysis & Documents Associated to Complaint Copyrighted by SLR 2017 

Page 27 

Citizen Complaint; SLR June 2017 





j j 'imA 








(l^+^'''- /■'u tv'. 

^ louA^d- JAvyi - g-’ V ,, j. j 6jS:lifA,t' 


The above drawing is from when my memories were returning in a broken scattered and shattered form 
but it is accurate to what happened back then. It shows where I lived in relation to George's abduction 
that night. I heard Bundy, but did not see him, knock Georgann out and I peeked out the window to see 
what the sound was as I was terrified of him [related to what happened with me -* I did not realize at the 
time all else he was doing]. I saw him drive away that night but did not know he had George. I also 
wasn't processing anything very well at that time. Repeated captivity with rape, head trauma and 
unrecognized and untreated rape syndrome from high school on was taking a serious toll on me. What 
follows are some of the friends I had back then and their striking resemblance to his victims. Also, I 
knew Georgann and Ted started with her in his confessions. She was important to him because she was 
important to me - she was my friend. He was dropping one of his hints to police at the time and being 
superior to them as was typical of him because he knew what they didn't - that he had been catching 
and releasing a victim over and over [me] and that I had been the target all along. If I am ever given an 
honest chance at having what I am saying evaluated it will not only make sense to the cases as a whole 
but it will help solve a few also that I know he did such as Georgann's, possibly one in Oregon and CA as 

What follows immediately is another drawing of where my sorority was located and its proximity to Liz, 
Ted's girlfriend at the time that I never knew about. He was frequently "running into" me around the 
Greek area and on campus typical of his stalking and control of me. Where I lived at the sorority and 
nearby in back of the Theta house, also mirrors his stalking routine in Florida when he attacked the 

Research, Analysis & Documents Associated to Complaint Copyrighted by SLR 2017 

Page 28 

Citizen Complaint: SLR June 2017 

5o'*' AO& 

- f 












11^- n: 
'j3i-V/ D < '•'■■& Oi'i'MJ 
■f'-' /U).i- 


ii ! K- 





V) ^ 

-^•' |A»’T- 

j ViUlXiDjl 


, 1 

llo'*'' AO^ 







What follows next Is the room I remember being held captive in. There is another indoor location that I 
vaguely remember but cannot describe it as I was semi-conscious. Only that it smelled intensely musty. 
I did not know at the time this memory emerged in 2009 [long before the records were released to me] 
that there were abandoned homes near Bundy's dump sites of Issaquah and Taylor Mountain. 

Ted lived in Tacoma; I lived in a nearby suburb Lakewood. Ted's parents lived less than one mile from 
my father's home in Tacoma in 1974 and prior to that even closer to my father's apartment at the time 
[he was separated from my mother in summer of 1971 when Ted was activeiy stalking me). Phone 
records would prove contact with him if they still exist. There are other facts as well that prove what I 
am saying. I think he was using me as a blueprint for his killing - he stated to FBI he was abducting a 
woman and releasing her to test his skills as a "dry run". A dry run is against a target by definition.\ 

Research, Analysis & Documents Associated to Complaint Cop)n-ighted by SLR 2017 

Page 29 

This drawing was done by niemory as memories were emerging during 2008 to 2010. This was done in 
early 2009. I've never been able to get it verified. I found a room on Youtube that claimed it had been 
Ted Bundy's but the layout of the furniture was different than I remembered it. I would like this drawing 
fact checked just as I would like the drawing of the Corvallis abduction fact checked as well. I drew it as 
well as I can remember it. Hugh Aynesworth gave Keppel a statement by Ted that pertained to Corvallis 
and it was important in that it matched my memories of the events [and my memories preceded the 
receipt of that particular record] but Keppel never logged it into evidence. He gave it to the department 
psychiatrist instead. Where is this document? Where are the documents that Keppel was allowed to 
keep including some of the tapes of his interviews with Bundy? 

Research, Analysis & Documents Associated to Complaint Cop 3 n'ighted by SLR 2017 

Page 30 

Citizen Complaint; SLR June 2017 

Karen Sparks - first victim 

Lisa Levy - Bundy victim 
sorority in FL 

Sorority friend Sue 

Georgann who Me 1973 

tried to help me in nursing 

Laurie - my friend 
in sorority WA 

My best friend in 
high school -1972 
Tacoma WA 

Jeanette- Possible victim 

Kimberly Leach -Bundy 
Aged 12 

Me aged 12 
similar hairstyle 
He was breaking in 
To our home in Tacoma 
He may have found this 

Laura Aime -17 y/o 
similar hairstyle 

Me -17 y/o high school 
He stalked me in H.S. 

I don't know any if these associations influenced him for sure, but he was actively stalking me, pursuing 
me and raping me and trying to kill me off and on from 1970 when I arrived in Tacoma with my family to 

Research, Analysis & Documents Associated to Complaint Copyrighted by SLR 2017 

Page 31 

Citizen Complaint: SLR June 2017 

1976 at the University of WA when I ran away to CA in a state of severe trauma and probable head 
injury. 1 had an elevated galvanic skin response [indicates brain injury] and memory problems back then 

Caryn - nurse 
I was a nurse 

Linda Heaiy 
I listened to her ski 
reports and skiied 

Margaret Bowman 
lived same side of 
sorority room as me 

Donna Manson 
I was in Oiympia for 
Miss WA contest 74 

Brenda Ball -1 was in 
Burien May 1974 parade 

Lisa Smith - CA Melanie "Susie" Cooley 
I went to CA often Colorado -17 y/o 
As lived in Modesto 
He was stalking me as 
Early as 1970 

Me in Modesto 15 y/o 

Rita Jolly West Linn 
Laurie & I were in 
West Linn summer of 

Janice Ott - looks like 

my sorority friend Barb Ferguson. She was also a friend of Georgann's. 

Ted knew I knew both of them as I had dated him a short time fall of 1973. 

Research, Analysis & Documents Associated to Complaint Copyrighted by SLR 2017 

Page 32 

sf f I S 


Here is a copy of the BUNDY statement to BOB KEPPEL and a newspaper 
article that appeared in the Seattle Times for your HAWKINS file. They pretty 
much confirm that HAWKINS’ remains were never found. 

I spoke to the Major Crimes bosses here and they asked me to request that you 
get HAWKINS re-entered into WACIC and NCIC if possible. 

I don’t know where her dental records might be. I do know that BILL HAGLUND 
once had a large box of dental records that he kept at the KCME’s office prior to 
the startup of MUPU. I believe that this box was sent to MUPU (Shawn 1-800- 
543-5678) and I have had some luck with them finding records on old cases that 
somehow got dropped from WACIC and NCIC. 

We have collected swabs from HAWKINS’ mother and they have been 
processed by UNT and are on file in CODISmp. Documents on that project are 
enclosed also. 

Thanks^ain for your help. 



University 0 /North Texas 
Health Science Center at Fort Worth 


Education, Research, 

Patient Care and Service 

^\AtA3yd)Kl S 

October 6, 2006 

King County Sheriffs 
Attn: Det. Crenshaw 
401 4‘^AveN 
Kent, WA 98032 

Dear Detective Crenshaw: 

This letter is to inform you that STR and mtDNA profiles have been developed for the sample(s), which are 
associated with your Agency Case # 75-029267, submitted to the University of North Texas Health Science 
Center DNA Identity Laboratory. The case number assigned by our facility, to the Biological Mother, is 
UNTHSC-F-3382.L The DNA profiles for the sample(s) have been entered and uploaded to the Texas 
Department of Public Safety’s State DNA Index System (SDIS). Tlie administrator of the State DNA Index 
System (SDIS) will then upload these profiles to the FBTs National DNA Index System (NDIS). Tliese 
results will be periodically searched against all appropriate indexes for potential matches. If a match is 
confirmed by our facility, a report will be issued to the submitting agency. 

Please update your NCIC missing person/unidentified person record to include information on the DNA 
availability and location. (Example: DNA/Y, DLO/University of North Texas Health Science Center DNA 
Identity Laboratory, Fort Worth, TX 1-817-735-0606). For NCIC related questions, please refer to the 
NCIC Operating Manual or contact your State Missing Person Clearinghouse 

Again, if a putative match results from index searches, the submitting agencies will be notified 
immediately. If you have any other missing person questions associated with our facility, please feel free to 
contact me at any of the following: 

Phone* 817-735-0188 
Fax: 817-735-2424 



Stephen P. Gammon, MBA, BS, MT (ASCP) 

Administrator, UNT System, Center for Human Identification 

Texas College of Osteol)athic Medicine • Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences • School of Public Health • School of Health Professions 

Institutes for Discovery • University of North Texas Physicians Group 

3500 Camp Bowie Boulevard, Fort Worth, Texas 76107-2699 • 817-735-2000 

An EEO/AfhrmiUive Aciinn Instnucinn 

HlAllHSCl^CCKIltAi Bai UbfA 


University of North Texas Health Science Center 
Missing Persons DNA Database 

3500 Camp Bo^e Blvd., Fort Worth 76107 

Evidence Registration Form 


Awvc.\ivis, Geo^tb^ANiAj 

Name of Missing Person_ 

Gender of Missing Person Male I I Femaie 
NCIC No._ _ 

Date of Birth 09**'T>0'* I Race 

Name of Family Member/Donor 

Gender of Family Member/Donor Male I I Femaie 

Date of Birth 1 i Race 

Relationship of Family Member/Donor To Missing Person 

C-CU fiTY _ Agency Case No. 

AVe _CODES Specimen ID No._ 

Submitting Agency 


(If previously entered Into CODIS) 

Contact NameOtrt~* M Ah^ 

Phone No>t-Q^ Vy Pax No. •^TlZO 


Description of Articles 

Buccai/o/CAc 5VMABS 

Released By: 

Released To; 

Received By; 

1-(S<>s/0?to Print Name: I^^PHaCL C)ce>jSrtA«^ 
_ Signature: 

UNTHSC Case Number 


Created by Stephen P. Gaminon 
Created on 01/07/2005 

UMvmn c/ 

ItJALlH Scnsa fwi Wiaih 




Missing Person/Famiiy Reference Sample Information 
Consent for Testing & CODIS Entry for Reference Sample 

_ T _ __ _ 

Missing Person’s Last Name Missing Person’s First Name MI 

UNTHSC Case Number 

Sample Donor’s Lasi 

NCIC/NIC Number 

Donor Information 

. _ 

Last Name 

Sample Donor’s First Name 

Kindred Relationship to Missing Person 
Address: ^ 

Phone #: djp- _ 



I understand, that the answers provided on this form are correct to the best of my knowledge and belief. I 
fully understand that my answers are important to the evaluation of my kindred relationship to missing or 
unidentified persons. 

I freely and voluntarily consent to provide the UNTHSC DNAVIdentity Laboratory with a blood and/or oral 
swab specimen(s) for DNA analysis and entry into the Combined DNA Index System (CODIS) database, 
maintained by the FBI under authority of Title 42, United States Code, Section 14132. Investigative 
agencies having online access to the missing persons database may search the DNA analyses for DNA 
matches. If a match is found, the additional supplemental information may be released to that agency in 
support of the purpose for which it was collected. I understand that my records are protected under section 
105.22 of Texas State Bill 1304 and can only be disclosed to the parties listed under this section. I also 
understand that the DNA sample(s) submitted would not be tested for genetic markers that predict 
biological function and will be destroyed once positive identification is made and a report is issued. I 
hereby waive any and all claims against the UNTHSC DNA/Identity Laboratory and any employees for any 
medical complications or other injuries that may arise from providing these samples. 

I understand that I am not required or obligated to provide a DNA sample and my consent to have a DNA 
sample taken is knowingly and voluntarily made. I further consent to the use of my DNA profile in the 
anonymous population data file for statistical inferences. The data file will not contain personal information 
or any identifying association to the donor. 

Signature of person giving consentf^ 

Date: _2_-P' - £> • 

" / (Required) 

Witnessed by: 

Kmm SC1P«CC OKTU 0! Kii M 

UNTHSC DNA Identity Laboratory 
Missing Persons DNA Database 
Relationship of Family Member to Missing Person 

Please Circle your Kinship to the Missing Person on the Family Tree Below 



K the missing person is a 
mother, then any of her 
biological children or 
siblings represent 
appropriate samples 





Explain Relationship 



Form 2 UNTHSC 2004DNBXK212 



516 Third Avenue. W-116 
Seattle.WA 98104-2312 
Tel: 206-296-4155 • Fax:206-296.0168 

Susan L Rahr 

September 13,2005 

University of North Texas 
Heahh Science Center 
Missing Persons DNA Database 
DNA Laboratory 66950 
3500 Camp Bowie Blvd 
Fort Worth, Texas 76107-9964 

Re: Georeann Hawkins 08-20-1955: 


Geoigann Hawkins disappeared from Seattle, Washington on 06-11-1974. Ted Bundy later confessed to her kidnap and 
murder, but her body has never been found. Recently, we have been made aware of additional unidentified human 
remains associated with the Bundy murders. It is believed that these remains were recovered from tlie Taylor Mountain 
site (Seattle area), in which the remains of four other Bundy victims had been found in 1975. According to our medical 
examiner’s office the remains are those of at least two victims, but we are unable to determine which two victims they 
belong to. It is also a possibility that the remains belong to an unidentified victim, or one of the missing persons 
associated with the Bundy investigation. The remains have already been forwarded to your facility for processing and 


Item 1 2 Buccal/DNA samples taken from Edith Hawkins, the mother of Georgann Hawkins. 


Examine for DNA material, and if present, attempt to establish an STR/Mitochondrial profile. Check this profile 
for any matches of unidentified human remains in CODIS/NDIS. 



Detective R^hael Crenshaw 

King County Sheriffs Office 

Kent, WA 98032 
Desk 206-205-3425 

The Riverman: List of Inaccurate Statements 

Riverman is not a "nonfiction" work, it contains multiple factual errors. The following list is just a 
portion of them and each point on the list is supported by a case document referenced to it. Quotes from 
the book by Keppel are in bold with the refuting document In each case following the quote. 


Page 10: "lssaquah....No clothing, wallets or Jewelry - items commonly used for preliminary 
identification - had been found on site." {Keppel Is referencing the first day}. 

Refuting document: ESAR list of finds Issaauah 

1. A shoe Is noted as being find #4. 

2. Detective Hahn who was in charge, stated in his summary report that many items of evidence 
were found. 

3. All told quite a few Items related to victims or unknown victims were found at Issaquah; comb, 
book, brown camel hair coat, pantyhose, sweater, scarf, gold earring, green sock, bicycle shift 
cable, etc. 

Page 11. "Sergeant Randall ordered me to return the next day with Explorer Search and Rescue 
(ESAR) personnel to scout the area for any additional bones. It was pickup work. The more senior 
investigators had obviously thought it was a shit detail for the rookie homicide detective. Even my 
colleague. Detective Rolf Grunden, chuckled and commented - with a snobbishly superior attitude - 
that I probably wouldn't find anything. He said they had searched the hillside and had found nothing 
but bones." 

Refuting documents: ESAR l ist of finds; ESAR Personnel Reports 

1. Included in first day of finds is a shoe, a shovel, a depression in the soil, multiple bones, etc. 

2. ESAR list of personnel on the first day shows quite a few people on site the first day and that the 
crime scene was being treated as proprietary being cordoned off, and logs kept of ESAR 
personnel. There are pages and pages of ESAR reports and personnel summaries of activity. 

Refuting document: ESAR Mission Data Sheet: other supporting SAR documents 

1. Lee Hahn was the on-scene coordinator day 1. 

2. A total of 271 personnel were on site in the search and 106 vehicles used during the search 
days. Several of the ESAR personnel drove great distances to get there indicating they were not 
teenagers and had licenses. 

3. Multiple documents show extensive personnel presence dedicated to the search, logs of who 
worked when, traveled how far, etc. Keppel was not in charge, other officers were. The area 
was cordoned off and protected per protocol. Many of items were found and It was not pickup 
work. From the moment the hunters reported it, it was recognized and treated as a major crime 
scene per ail the documents associated to the case. These documents were coded with a 
separate Search and Rescue case number and therefore, may not have been seen by some 
investigators in the ensuing years, but Robert Keppel knew what was found as he was on 


Refuting document: Lee Hahn's report of 9-7-1974 [first day of searchl 
1. Det. Mackie ordered evidence search: Hahn was in charge. 

The Riverman: List of Inaccurate Statements 

2. Keppel arrived on scene at Sam on 9'8-indicates this date as first official search day after the 
find of 9-7 of human remains being reported. 

3. Hahn's report of search day 1 findings "Through the day ESAR found many items of evidence 
which were processed by KCP, H&R". 

4. Donald Ludine was left in charge also on 9-8-1974. Keppel was on site but not in charge. 

"ESAR is a voluntary rescue organization whose members are trained In search techniques for locating 
lost hikers and downed aircraft. ESAR's 50 or so teenagers, who were supervised by a small cadre of 
adults, had never participated in a police evidence search before." Pg 14. 

Refuting documents: 

1. ESAR Logs for the search days show the following; most were professionals in the search teams. 

2. Most if not all ESAR personnel had assigned DES [Department of Emergency Services] numbers. 

3. Many had cars and had driven many miles - 20 to 50 to get there. 

4. Logs were kept and signatures of all ESAR search teams and injuries while searching. 

5. The officers listed as in charge of the ESAR members and teams were Lee Hahn and Donald 
Lundine. Keppel Is not indicated as in charge of any ESAR personnel per the records. 

6. ESAR team leader was Les Janz. 

Refuting document: 9-8-1974. Report by L.Hahn. Officer. 

09-07: I talked with Detective Captain W. Mackie at the above [note; Issaquah] location and he 
requested an evidence search of the area to locate parts of a human body found by some hunters. 

09-08 0800 hours. Arrived at the area and set up base camp with 25 ESAR personnel. Detective 
Keppel was on the scene. 

0915 hours. The search was started. Through the day ESAR found many items of evidence which were 
processed by KCP, H& R. 

1200 hours. I left the scene to attend to another search and left Det R Dunn in charge. 

1600 hours. Search scene secured and planned to be continued on 8-9-74 with Officer Lundine in 
charge of coordination. 

1700 hours. All SAR personnel out of the area. No CD insurance claims filed. 

"Unfortunately, we didn't even consider that they could have been buried. We had found so many 
bones on top of the ground we didn't even think the killer's modus operandl Involved burial. Our 
inexperience was telling and It favored the killer." Page 16. 

Refuting document: ESAR search finds 

1. On day 1, a shovel was found - find #9. It was found 66' from search line 1, A depression in 
the soil was found 120' up search line 1. There were human remains scattered and animal 
evidence [dung; bones w/scat] 

2. Evidence of possible burial; depression in the ground [find #2]; shovel [find 119]; overturned 
earth [find #321] 

"The fresh physical and circumstantial evidence such as eyewitnesses, lead bullets, bullet casings, and 
weapons were noticeably absent from this scene. The area had been stripped of all these usual 
forensic clues. It was a scene of great mystery. In the history of King County homicide investigation, 
no murder case had a crime scene with so little evidence as this one." Page 18 

The Riverman: List of Inaccurate Statements 

Refuting document: ESAR search finds of Issaauah Crime Scene 

1. Brown camel hair coat [find #322]; book [find #308]; women's underwear [find #327]; knife 
sheath [find #401]; sweater and scarf [find #410]; pantyhose [find #328]; gold earring [find 
#510]; hair curler [find #512]; (the hair curler was found near the earring); green sock [find 
#516]; bicycle shift cable [#517]; shoe [find #4]; cement [find #313]; screwdriver [#307]; small 
bottle [find #5] which was located near bones and the shovel per ESAR notes. Bundy was 
known to ply victims with alcohol or drugs and had shown Liz in Utah a date rape drug in a small 

2. Evidence of possible graves; shovel [find #9]; a depression in the earth [find#2] and overturned 
earth [find #321] which was located 38 feet from find #317 which was a femur. This proximity 
was noted on the original ESAR list of finds. 

3. The evidence of Issaquah, such as the clothing items, jewelry and bicycle shift cable was 
suppressed at Bundy's appeal. 

"The killer probably saw for himself the results of predators scavenging human remains, since one 
body was there for over a month before the other two were discarded." Page 19, 

Lack of citation document. Where Is the proof of this statement? It is noted in the records that parts 
were found of at least one to two individuals [as remains did not match the skeletons of the other two 
girls, Ott and Naslund] but nothing is noted in the records I have indicating that the ME examination 
showed the unknown body or an unknown body found there to be over a month old. Where is the ME 
report of that statement or proving document? Keppel did not use citations in his book. 


"[T#d Bundy and reference to Georgann Hawkins]...hoped that he had concealed forever her most 
identifiable characteristics > her teeth." Page 25 

Refuting document: 

Case files: Georgann had a deformity of the tibia and fibula bones in one leg - a characteristic that could 
have identified her remains. It would only have taken an XRAY to confirm it and DNA would not have 
been necessary. Two bones were found at Taylor Mountain that were a tibia and fibula and which were 
sent in a bin of animal bones to the ME office by an unknown individual marked only as "Bundy bones". 
Police at the time, including Robert Keppel, were very aware of that deformity. Why were these bones 
not xrayed. 

Refuting document: Internal memo: ME Office March of 1984. 

"...there is at least one human tibia and fibula in this bin and possibly one more human tibia. Kathy 
thinks based on the description that Bundy gave to Keppel in an interview that these may be bones 
belonging to Georgann Hawkins. If I remember correctly, Hawkins went missing from Seattle. She says 
the only paperwork she has with the bin was signed over to the ME on 3.8.1984." 


"We had learned from Issaquah that there was a pattern established by small animals when they 
carry remains along animal trails away from the original dump site where the major decomposition 
takes place. Animals that tugged away a decomposing skull pulled at the remains as the skull was 
being dragged along the ground. At Issaquah, some teeth and a mandible, as well as the mass of hair. 

The Riverman: List of Inaccurate Statements 

were dislodged and fell off along the trail. We learned that if we searched In logical directions along 
known animal trails after the discovery of the skull, we would discover the dislodged parts. We also 
had discovered that it was important to sift through the dirt along the animal trails for teeth, bullets, 
fingernails, and Jewelry that had been dislodged from body parts," Page 27 

Refuting doc ument: ESAR list of finds atTavlor Mountain 

1. Everything Keppel describes as having found and learned at Issaquah was replicated at Taylor 
Mountain in terms of evidence. Taylor Mountain had 1S8 items found: It had weapons, 
evidence of bondage, evidence of scattered human remains amid animal scat, as well as 
clothing, jewelry and other things indicating the killer had spent time at the kill site. Keppel's 
comments as stated above show that he knew what the meaning of a crime scene similar to 
Issaquah would Indicate a major crime scene. The scale of the evidence found at Taylor 
Mountain was larger than the scale of evidence found at Issaquah per the records. 

2. ESAR records show that no bullets were found at the Issaquah crime scene site; whereas, at 
Taylor Mountain there were multiple findings of bullets, casings of several types. What was 
found at both Taylor Mountain and at issaquah sites were screwdrivers and small bottles or 
chemical bottles and both were near vacant homes and both had at least one or two 
unidentified young female remains not associated to known victims. 

"The day after the Initial discovery of Ball's cranium, six German shepherd search dogs, their handlers 
and I combed the Taylor Mountain site, hoping to find more bones...unfortunately, a day earlier, I 
hadn't paid much attention to the markers placed on trees by foresters. Their red flags were too far 
apart, and the density of the forest made It difficult to determine where the next one would be." Page 

Refuting document: Statement bv the forestry student on the skull find on Tavlor Mountain taken on 3- 
2-1975 bv Detective Roger Dunn. 

1. "We left it (skull) right where it was and then finished our field work. We called King County 

police last night when we got home sometime around 5;00pm. Today, 03/02/1975, we directed 
the police back to the skull and assisted with compass coordinates and measurements from 
where we found the skull back to the K corner of South Section line of Section 20 and 21. [We] 
measured the distance back to this point, taking several compass headings. ..We gave the exact 
measurements to an officer." 

Refuting document: SAR Mission Data Sheet. 3-3-1975. L.Hahn Detective in charge. 

1. He notes on the report that from 3-3- to 3-8 the number and type of personnel Included KCP-38; 
WESAR-378; SAP-103; GSSD-20 [German Shepherd Search Dogs]; WNG -17; DES-1; Boeing Co - 
1; Seattle police - 7; KCEMS - 2. 

2. Mission results; Enough bones and skulls were found to identify three of the many missing 
females of the NW. 

3. Many people were involved in the search and recovery of Taylor Mountain. Hahn's report shows 
that it was an organized coordinated effort involving several agencies. 

Refuting document: Report bv Ken Wardstrom on 3-3-1975 of initial search. 

1. Lt Kraske requested German Shepherd Search Dogs. Keppel went with dog teams to the area. 

2. Det Randall and Forester responded to the area as more remains were found. 

3. 3-4-1975; ESAR present with 78 persons; teams went into the field. 

The Riverman: List of Inaccurate Statements 

"After the discovery of the skulls and mandibles, our search finds were few and far between. The only 
human remains we discovered were on the only animal trail that ran along a smalt creek that 
meandered down the gentle slopes of Taylor Mountain..." page 32 

Refuting document: ESAR List of Finds 

1. Over 158 items of Importance including skeletal remains [more than just skulls and jawbones]; 
women's clothing [including 3 bras]; evidence of bondage; evidence of weapons; evidence 
someone had spent time there; some clothing appeared to be similar to what some of the girls 
had been wearing when they disappeared. 

2. There were multiple listings of bones and bone fragments in the finds list which were embedded 
in animal scat indicating there was more than one trail that animals had been using. Some 
evidence was found in animal dung near fencelines. 

Refuting document: Multiple reports of items Identified and sent forward to Superior Court as evidence. 

1. Most of the items found at Taylor Mountain were recorded and noted as Superior Court 
evidence. So what happened to this evidence and these cases between the time of the finds in 
1975 and the time Keppel moved to the Attorney General Office in 1984? From that point 
forward, the evidence at Taylor Mountain was never discussed except in terms of skulls. 

2. Each day on Taylor Mountain a large contingent of personnel were searching and compiling 
evidence Including Civil Air Patrol. 

Refuting document: Texas DNA evaluation of skeletal remains found at Tavlor Mtn. 2005-2008 . 

1. In addition to the remains of four victims found at Taylor Mountain, there were also remains of 
an unidentified victim. Among the skeletal remains found at Taylor Mountain, DNA testing at TX 
never identified who several bones belonged to - the victim[s] remained unidentified at the 
time this book was written and the remains were not Just skulls or jawbones, but skeletal. 

"As I approached the explosive, I could see another group of unexploded large ammunition rounds 
and rockets. The EAR team had uncovered a dumping field created by a nearby explosives plant at the 
end of the dirt power line road that extended to the east from Highway 18....The last thing I needed 
was for an ESAR kid to blow off a foot while searching." Page 33 

Refuting document: ESAR report list of finds 

1. Only one explosive device is noted in the reports and that is find #142. 

2. There are incident reports in the write-ups for people with cut fingers and hands but there is 
nothing noted at all for multiple explosive devices of the kind Keppel describes. 

Refuting documents: ESAR personnel lists 

1. Most were professional people who drove in, some from great distances, to help in the search. 
The search included people from Civil Air Patrol. 

"No bones other than skull parts were being discovered. ...After eight days of searching, we could 
account for only three skulls, three human Jawbones, and a small hair mass. We found numerous 
individual bones, but they were all confirmed to be animal bones by Dr. Darts Swindler, a physical 
anthropologist from the University of Washington..." page 33-34. 

Refuting document: bones sent to Texas In 2005 for DNA testing 

The Riverman: List of Inaccurate Statements 

1. Bones identified as skeletal remains were sent to TX in 2005 for DNA testing and were 
confirmed to be some of the girls found at Taylor Mountain. One group of bones was never 
identified and did not match Georgann Hawkins. 

2. The criminologist on scene was Sweeney, and she ruled out a few bones as non-human but 
several bones were forwarded on as Superior Court Evidence. It is not noted In the records that 
I have what happened to this evidence nor to the other scores of evidence found that Included 
women's clothing. 

3. The internal memo of 3-8-1984 which states that the ME office received a bin of bones which 
contained at least one human tibia and fibula and possibly one other human remain and which 
had been identified specifically as Bundy bones, Taylor Mountain. 

"Theories of intentional decapitation were quickly dismissed by our supervisors because we didn't 
find the neck vertebrae that would have confirmed it. Typically, when a person is intentionally 
decapitated, the cut is made below the base of the skull because it is relatively easy to sever the 
vertebrae with the proper cutting tod. Thus, neck vertebrae at a site where a skull is found usually 
indicates that the person was decapitated...On the other hand we were confident that if those 
vertebrae were once on Taylor Mountain, we would have found them....ln other words, they were put 
someplace else for a period of time and then brought to Taylor Mountain; the killer was moving 
around body parts of his victims." Page 34 

Refuting document: ESAR List of Finds Tavlor Mountain 

1. More than one find of vertebrae: some were identified as animal In the listing but others were 
not These vertebrae not identified as animal on site were: find #56. Several bone finds were 
examined by Sweeney on site to determine if they were animal and find #56 [vertebrae] was not 
in the list identified as animal. It never states whether the vertebrae were back or neck but the 
ME report clearly states that the bodies identified as the missing girls known were NOT 
decapitated as Keppel claimed. That does not however, rule out that Bundy had brought other 
victims there and indeed decapitated them. Keppel's statements are assumptive, applied 
broadly and not accurate to the findings. 

2. Issaquah site also had vertebrae finds on site as well as evidence of animals scattering remains. 

3. Taylor Mountain had multiple finds where it was evident animals had scattered remains. 

4. Taylor Mountain had evidence the crime scene was there at Taylor Mountain and not 
somewhere else: clothing, jewelry, multiple human remains including skeletal, evidence of 
weapons and bondage, evidence the killer had spent time at the location [thermos, food 
wrappers, lean-to, etc]. 

Refuting document: Robert Keopel report on ME report of skulls related to decapitation . Report is 
dated 3-141975. 

1. ME office examined the remains found at Taylor Mountain and concluded that "the persons had 

their skulls with their bodies at the time of autopsy". 

"Due to the growing intensity of the news coverage of the dump site discovery, I was forced to set up 
a line across the power line road beyond which no reporter could pass....What I didn't want to reveal 
was that only skull parts were found. The reporters sensed something was awry because we didn't 
bring many large packages out. I felt so uneasy about this that I started bringing small bones out in 
large packages so no one would be the wiser." Page 35 

The Riverman: List of Inaccurate Statements 

Refuting document: ESAR list offinds at Tavlor Mountain: over 158 
Refuting document: Reports on Tavlor Mountain bv multiple Individuals 

1. Detective reports from those on scene about cordoning off the area to protect the crime scene 

2. involvement of outside personnel such as the Civil Air Patrol 

3. Multiple reports by various professionals on the significance of the evidence found at Taylor 
Mountain. These reports indicate the crime scene was protected, verify the amount of evidence 
found was significant and also verifies that it was considered a major crime scene. 

"No brass I Sergeant Randall, Lieutenant Kraske, and Captain Mackie were conspicuous by their 
absence. They were career police officers, supervisors in the detective division and not one of them 
ever came to the scene." Page 35. 

Refuting document: Report bv Sergeant Randall, stamped "original" and done 3/7/1975. 

1. Details how on 3/2 he received a phone call from the forestry students who first discovered the 
skull on Taylor Mountain. 

2. How Lt. Kraske notified Keppel and Dunn about the find. Randall responded to the scene and 
was briefed by Officer Anderson who was the first officer to respond. 

3. 3/3 - Assigned Keppel the death investigation case and made arrangements for KCP ESAR. 
Detective Forrester was assigned to assist. 

4. At 2:10pm Keppel called Randall to respond to the scene as a second skull had been found and 
he did. The finds were a second skull, two mandibles and one bunch of hair. 

5. Randall states that a phone call was then made to Kraske. On 3-5 Randall picked up Seattle 
police officer Pat Murphy and they went to the search area. Murphy was given a map of the 
area and a list of what had been found to date. 

There are more reports by various other detectives. 

Refuting document: Logs of activity during search of Tavlor Mountain 

1. Various logs show that multiple supervisors made trips out to Taylor Mountain during the entire 
time the search was being conducted. 

2. Several supervisors were out there more than once. 

3. If not directly on site, other officers were supporting the efforts of the recovery team at Taylor 
Mountain by completing tasks associated to the finds there such as notifying next of kin; 
following up on forensics and so on. 

"The final tally of remains for Taylor Mountain paled in comparison to Issaquah: three crania; three 
mandibles; two small pieces of a skull, one tooth, and a small blond hair mass. Not one other 
remnant of a human skeleton was discovered." Page 36 

Refuting document: Untversitv of Texas Missing Persons DNA database: document from King Countv 
officials to Tx requesting DNA testing of skeletal remains fnot skullsi found at Tavlor Mountain. Total of 
bones sent was 12. Date was 8-16-2005. 

1. Skeletal remains, a total of 12 bones which ultimately were determined to be the remains of 
three of the known victims and one set which could not be identified from the DNA family 
samples sent and which did not match Hawkins. Shows that more than skuils were found. 

2. Multiple finds of hair, some of which was human hair, brown and blonde were noted among the 
finds at Taylor Mountain. 

The Riverman; List of Inaccurate Statements 

3. Misleading statement in that it does not talk about the extensive amount of evidence found 
such as clothing, weapons, items associated to bondage [snug ties]; and items associated to the 
killer [food wrappings, lean-to, soup can, etc]. 

4. The evidence found at Taylor Mountain, such as the tibia and fibula, was suppressed at Bundy's 

"[Susan Rancourt] was believed to last have been wearing a yellow coat, short sleeved sweater, gray 
corduroy pants and brown Hush Puppy shoes." Page 39 

Refuting document: ESAR finds of Taylor Mountain: Refutes Keppel's statements that nothing was 

found at Taylor Mountain relative to the missing girls. Finds actually mirror what Rancourt was wearing. 

1. Part of a yellow coat [find #24] 

2. Blue jean material [at least one girl was wearing blue jeans; Healy was believed to be in Jeans 
when she disappeared and her remains were found on Taylor Mountain.] 

3. Three bras were found on Taylor Mountain. 

4. The yellow coat was Identified as Superior Court Evidence. 

5. Greg Canova was prosecutor in 1984 for the AG Office. Would he have had jurisdiction over 
the Superior Court evidence at the time the evidence of Taylor Mountain was no longer 

Map to left is from photo plates in the 
center of "Riverman" by Robert 
Keppel. On this map, he has drawn 
for emphasis the finds of the hair and 
skulls and jawbone. 

1. What is not noted in Keppel's 
version is that a thermos [find #27] 
was found near the skull. 

2. Missing also from Keppel's map are 
the multiple other items, total of 158, 
found at Taylor Mountain, many of 
which were forwarded on as Superior 
Court evidence. 

The Riverman: List of Inaccurate Statements 

Refuting document: enhanced original map 
used by Keppel in his book [same map]. 

1. #43 was a purple jacket found in the river 
and forwarded on to Superior Court 

2. #57 is noted as clothing; #58 is noted as a 
green coat; and #80 is a leg bone ?. 

3. A clothing pile is noted on the original 
ESAR map also with a big "X". 

4. These items were found near base camp. 



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3510 W. ELMORE 201 SEATTLE, WA. 98199 

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1220 IBM BLDG 5EATTLE, WA. 98101 A 


3510 W. ELMORE SEA, WA, 98199 4/74R 



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Vs/S' lUiHhiit^ 0< /O. (x) hn - /Tsf 
Vszi xJ.e. ?BaJl lO-Jyn-/9-^ s- 

2/. Of. U). 

37^ lO.B- /OS' 

U i u). 

Ld^ u) ■ 

(i)-hn- /9~^ 
(J- S)-3 3 
tO'm-io iT~ 
lo -CT) -S> V’3> 

S'^v'^i h!iTS'P t^^cp a). Va 

J-3'7/ \\/ao(> 3 ll.),u). 

IxJ '/?i-gx ‘S d 
CO ^27) ' 9- ^ ij^XmJ 

/- r 

<?.5 7/ - y 3i, 


/- ^ 

7^ - 7 



/- /p- 



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A& /3 

&v-y5» . 

U xCd . 




/ “ ^>3 

72^^ /<^. ^ 

cS. '3 ^ 6c/* ^ .6c<77^»<^ 



/ - 

^ ^3 

3-^'7 7 

^'/t> -7^/ 

‘ yccfo V 

\ 73373' 




2/' j oO. 


CO - /?7 - c -i. 


Ij0-/O-<p3-^ 3' 7'^ 


^- *.' 7/ 
g-'g^ - 7^/ 





/<? d~o 07/0 OOjT/Oc^/? 

to ' ^ ,, 

6-7- 7‘/ 


/j3>s c-h 

^0 CL f^r a iC 


/ ytJ 



P^-^Sa 0xP 

tt-^~7i-/ Boa'I'V /^iscy- 
tp-//- 7 ‘/ 3/!/^^ 

$ “ / 7 ■ 7 / 

lf<)-l-7'i'3a>o3’T ffrr 

Ix'^.ai-T'l $3/0^ Art- 


7' 7 V S^V-^ 7 (9^. 

1^/6-7^/ S(f,S^ fi&PC. 

7 -/ 7 - 7 '^/ ^ro n f\0Pe 

7 -;- 7 "/ ^X(P 

It. i O'- Sl£) 7 s^. 

f'i/oo 0/^ TU-i, 

AJ, /5, / /o ^^A^/^fifAJOJoo o> 

^(H> 6-A^i^^/O ^hr)6 A^, 

/ '7/ Jl, A7s/0/i7a)/} l^/iAO 

4 ^"^^ t//^ 


a. jPTfA^Fx^A' p-^e 

AJ,uj-<^y^ — •" - - 
7<y^ / y/£u) ^ ^ 

)V^ ^ 'rr)-<^ 

io '777 - f9 - ^ ^ 

{jj .jon- '■s>^S 

10 -/ 7 ?'<^^'- 3 d 
Cj -jv - 

iu ■-J7)-<P <^ 

Co- 7r?'3? S~" 




^ ^/vt* isL>-^tu.e. 

>2iL^^ /t73 - ^^Lu>u - 

/a<-e^ CcT^/2^^(i<f 

.^•A/JL^t>\. l/ \jiJ ^ 

{^uiJjl/tJ fUytJe^ -*A^ UhAA^«^Az^ 

^x.c.<u'6i-<-o^ / ~<3f'’’^y 

3 - 6 - 7(S" 

^tf-rurt<L ^OjJ 

9?u/4<u^‘ -3-/a-7/ 

«v <5^3 uc^ 
y-/7- 7 / 

^■-6 - 7/ 

^eJii, - 2.3*3 iSl t*;. 




?- /y - 7/ 

7 ^ 

L 6/S -o 


// ) “ •? ^/ 

(‘ / ■. 
■/ L/ ^ 

f I U- 



A ■' ' ' ' ' ' 

— ^ -' 0 ^ k:-', 

7’/ '>/f/■<,*;■,,„<, 1, 

■•7 ^ .,t 

v^'4, :■ • 


(‘ - / 

'-•' Jb/fi. .3:.'^-' 2' 

S- Ton ^o-y^ 



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7 -’AO 

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Vo ^0 7 


7 - a-T" 



f" B?(Svr* ^• <£, 




/cp-^ ^ 


^'•/ (t 

^3 A A 


Accused of kidnaping, affempted murder 

P4 Staff 

SALT LAKE CITY - The Clali State 

Highway patrotoan who arrested Theo¬ 
dore B* Bundy for possession of burglary 
tools and trying to evade an officer on 
Aug^ 16 said yesterday he, had not beard 
of Bundy before that night. 

Sgt. Bob Hayward, who apprehended 
Bundy, a former Tacoma resident, at 3 
a m, in a Salt Lahe City suburb 15 miles 
from home, dressed in a black turtleneck 
shirt, Levis and sneakers, said the arrest 

came about by accident, 

Hay\vard is the brother of the man 
now in charge of the Salt* L^e County 
. sheriff's investigation of tlie Bimdy case, 
Capt. N. D. (Pete) Hayward. 

The trooper said he could not recall 
his brother, Pete, ever mentioning Bun¬ 
dy’s name before the arrest. 

As the trooper described the arrest, 
he was sitting in his unmarked ear on 
duty in front of liis own house just before 
his shift was to end when a Volkswagen 
which he did not recognize diwe by 

Hayward; who said he alw 
bis own neighborhood the las 
utes of his shift, said he i 
Volkswagen; but about ten m 
he responded to a call v/hicl 
around a corner where he 
Volkswagen parked. 

“He wasn’t 200 yards from 
Hayward said, and as^ he dr 
side the car^ he directed his 
on it. 

“He took off Jike a shot wh 
on and the chase was on,’ 
said. ‘Tf he had sat in that V 

P6St: Intellige 




^ ^ , 


B-I Staff 

SALT LAKE CITY - The Utah State 
Highway patrolman who arrested Theo¬ 
dore R. Bundy for possession of burglaiy 
tools and trying to evade an officer on 

Aiig^. 16 said yesterday he had not heard 
of Bimdy before that night. 

Sgl. Bob Hayward, who apprehended 
Buudv, a Former Tacoma resident, at 3 
a m. in a Salt Lake City suburb 15 miles 
from home, dressed in a black turtleneck 
shirt. Levis and sneakers, said the arrest 

came about by accident. 

Hayward is tlie brother of the man 
now in charge of the Salt* Lake Coimty 
. sheriff's investigation of the Bundy case, 
Capt. N. D- (Pete) Hayward. 

The trooper said he could not recall 
his brother, Pete, ever mentioning Bun¬ 
dy's name before the arrest. 

As the trooper described the arrest, 
he was sitting in his unmarked car on 
duty ill front of his own house just before 
his shift w^as to end when a Volkswagen 
which he did not recognize drove by 

Hayward, who said he always patrols 
his own neighborhood the last few min¬ 
utes of his shift, said he ignored the 
Volkswagen ; but about ten minutes later 
he responded to a call which took him 
around a corner where he found the 
Volkswagen pai’ked, 

“He wasn’t 200 yai-ds from niy house/’ 
Hayward said, and as he drove up be¬ 
side the car, he directed his searchlight 
on it, 

“He took off jike a stjot with no lights 
on and the chase was on/’ Hayward 
said. “If he' had sat in that Volkswagen, 

I probably would have driven right past 
him/' he said. 

Bundy drove tlu’ough two slop signs, 
one after Hayw^ard had turned on his red 
light. Finally. Bundy pulled into a serv¬ 
ice station and stopped. Hayward said. • 

When the trooper asked him why he 
had tried to flee, Bundy replied tliat he 
w^as frightened and did not know who the 
tiooper was, Hayward related. 

V/hen Hayward asked Bundy what he 
was doing in the neighborhood at tliat 
hour, Bundy answ'c^red that he had been 

• Back Page, Column 5 

/o -f-TT 

Post- Intelligencer 



pOCRtJl-WUlll __ _ 

the floor as he dragged kidnaper dragged Charles 

introauciii}4 a iicv% Kvy tv»-- 

cash and24'hour banking 

First Bank's come up with a 
new way for our checking 
account customers to get 
cash, plus other basic banking 
services, day or night—and 
without a credit card. It’s 
TransAction Card from 
First Bank, another fresh 
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For cash at any 
Firstbank Cash Machine. 

TransAction Card is not a 
charge card. It lets you 
withdraw $25 or $50 from 
your checking or FirstLine 
Savings account at any 
Firstbank Cash Machine. 

We have more than 80 Cash 
'Machines open around the 
cIockT^fotind the State. 

So wherever you live of work 
you’re never far frdrtuready 
cash when you have a 
TransAction Card. 

Reward offered for 

rl's return 

missing gi 

The parents of Lynda Ann 
^ Healy have offered a $1,000 
reward for information 
leading to the safe return of 
their daughter, missing 

a since January 31. 

However, a private detec¬ 
tive hired by Mr, and Mrs. 
James Healy reported that 
several leads all have 
reached “dead ends.*' 

Miss Healy, 21, a student 
and part-time ski-report an- 
nouncer, disappeared from 
vfj her University District resi- 

-y dence during the night. Left 

^ in her room were her cloth- 
' ing and wallet. Traces of 
^ hlSod were found. 

I private detective said 

Ir/''naJis working with the 

^^^ynda Ann Healy 

Seattle Ponc^’''Tl^arlment, 
which continues io-^|oll®w 
leads as they arise. 

The Healys said they be¬ 
lieve their daughter could 
be in Oregon, where they 
have relatives. Police sus¬ 
pect foul play. 

wedisb choir 
0 perform here 

Swedish National 
JMT $ of Varmland will 
irfo 'm at the Gethsemane 
ran Church, 9th Ave- 
i^Jand Stewart Street at 8 
ml June 25, 

115-member gimp is 
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^ed States and Canada. 

will be no charge, but 
Suffering will be taken. 

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son opens with the King 
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Enumclaw. The fair will run 
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John Strander, president 
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soon ana^vg^Trara^Action 
Card a trvS5v^ X 

O Not all baldness is inherited. 

O Once you are bald there is no treatment known to medical science 
that will re-grow your hair. 

O Baldness can be caused by anxiety, improper scalp hygiene er even 
a vitamin deficiency. 

O To Insure proper growth and replacement of your hair it must re¬ 
ceive an abundant supply of blood for nourishment. 

O The average human scalp has 120,000 hairs each having a life span 
of one to six years. 

O Hair grows about Vt inch per month varying with the individual's 
physiological make up. 

O Human hair does not grow continuously but rather by alternating 
periods of growttt and rest. 

For more infor/ation about your hair and what you can do about 

keeping it, call The Thomas, World’s Largest and Foremost Hair and 

Scalp Specialists with 40 clinics throughout the United States and 
- ..—. -imj.c hsinin, men and women solve their Hair 

A thoi^htfid father 
expresses opinions 

about missing girls 

Warren Hawkins 

Georgeann Hawkins 

TNT Staff Writer 

Warren Hawkins is a gentle, con¬ 
scientious man I was once fortunate 
enough to have as a neighbor. 

Warren is a solid citizen who pays 
his taxes, supports his church, works 
for school levies and mows his grass. 

Warren has that precious ability 
to make you feel that he is genuinely 
glad to see you. And he throws good 
parties. (I learned to dance the 
chicken reel in the Hawkinses’ base¬ 

Warren has remained uniformly 
cheerful while raising (with Edie’s 
help) two lovely teen-age daughters, 
losing his hair, and finding his 
cookies and crackers (he sells them) 
in disarray on supermarket shelves. 

It is difficult for Warren to be 
cheerful tliese days. 

HIS DAUGHTER, Georgeann, has 
been missing for two weeks. She pre¬ 
sumably was abducted from the alley 
behind her sorority house in 
Seattle’s University District. 

Warren came by yesterday. He car¬ 
ried a coDv of 

and Oregon are safe places to do 
their thing. If you make a mistake, 
the social teachers will let you do it 

Warren laid the editorial on the 
table. Without raising his voice, he 
began counting on his. fingers the 
area’s missing young women . , . 
two now from the University of 
Washington, two from ()regon, one 
from Ellensburg, one from Olympia, 
one from Bellingham. . . , 

There also are the very young: 
Ann Marie Burr, Heidi Peterson. 
There are those whose bodies have 
been found: Tacoma’s Maria Corsi, 
two In Seattle, one near Olympia . . . 

Occasionally, the criminal respon¬ 
sible is caught. Too often, Warren 
thinks, he turns out to be someone 
who has been caught before — and 
whose opportunity to rape or kill 
again is due to lenient rehabilitation 
policies in our state prisons and hos¬ 

WARREN THINKS that Washing¬ 
ton and Oregon should close the 
doors on their convicted sexual-de- 
viate inmati»5; — ot 


TNT Business Writer 

A shutdown of heavy-< 
striiction jobs spread todaj 
Western and Central Wtfshi 
ton as member firms of the 
sociated General Gontfacti 
(AGO responded to a sel 
tive strike by the Labon 
Union Monday. 

Among major Tacoma ai 
projects, it appeared that work m 
halt at St. Joseph, Tacoma Gene 

Warren Hawkins 

Georgeann Hawkins 

A thoughtful father 
expresses opinions 

about missing girls 


TNT Staff Writer 

Warren Hawkins is a gentle, con¬ 
scientious man I was once fortunate 
enough to have as a neighbor. 

Warren is a solid citizen who pays 
his taxes, supports his church, works 
for school levies and mows his grass. 

Warr,en has that precious ability 
to make you feel that he is genuinely 
glad to see you. And he throws good 
parties. (I learned to dance the 
chicken reel in the Hawkinses’ base¬ 

Warren has remained uniformly 
cheerful while raising (with Edie’s 
help) two lovely teen-age daughters, 
losing his hair, and finding his 
cookies and crackers (he sells them) 
in disarray on supermarket shelves. 

It is difficult for Warren to be 
cheerful these days. 

HIS DAUGHTER, Georgeann. has 
been missing for two weeks. She pre¬ 
sumably was abducted from the alley 
behind her sorority house in 
Seattle’s University District. 

Warren came by yesterday. He car¬ 
ried a copy of the Sunday News Trib¬ 
une's lead editorial. He thought the 
editorial made sense. It began with 
this paragraph: 

‘*Our fears are realized. Convicted 
murderer Carl Cletus Bowles, ex¬ 
cused from the Oregon State Peni- 
tenriary so he could enjoy sex with a 
girlfriend has committed violent 
Climes in three states and would up 
wounded and in jail at Coeiir 
iTAlene, Idaho . . 

*\fter citing other examples, in¬ 
cluding that of Georgeann. editorial 
writer Tom Potwin ended with this 

''Too many wrong men arc being 
treated like little boys. Too many 
rapes and murders and robberies are 
being suffered at the hands of men 
with criminal records. Maybe these 
rapists and killers think Washington 

and Oregon are safe places to do 
their thing. If you make a mistake, 
the social teachers will let you do it 

Warren laid the editorial on the 
table. Without raising his voice, he 
began counting on his . fingers the 
area’s missing young women . . . 
two now from the University of 
Washington, two from Oregon, one 
from Ellensburg. one from Olympia, 
one from Bellingham. . . . 

There also are the very young: 
Ann Marie Burr, Heidi Peterson. 
There are those whose bodies have 
been found: Tacoma's Maria Corsi, 
two in Seattle, one near Olympia . . . 

Occasionally, the criminal respon¬ 
sible is caught. Too often, Warren 
thinks, he turns out to be someone 
who has been caught before — and 
whose opportunity to rape or kill 
again is due to lenient rehabilitation 
policies in our state prisons and hos¬ 

WARREN THINKS that Washing 
ton and Oregon should close the 
doors on their convicted sexual-de- 
viate inmates — at least until the au¬ 
thorities have a chance to figure out 
some of the current mysteries. 

The police, he believes, are ham¬ 
strung enough by court decisions 
which don’t allow them to pick up 
suspects for questioning without eye¬ 
witnesses, evidence, or other cause. 

Warren realizes that whatever is 
done now may well be too late to help 

“I just don't want to |«ck up the 
paper tomorrow and read about 
somebody else's daughter being miss¬ 
ing,” he ^id. 

‘Td be happy to circulate some 
kind of petition among the parents 
of the other missing girls — and 
take it to the governor — if I 
thought it would help,” he said. 

‘‘At least you'd feel like something 
was being done. Now, it’s sort of like 
fighting the wind . . 

$1.5 million claim filed 
by slain girl’s family 

live Strike oy ine Latx)re 
Union Monday. 

Among major Tacoma ar. 
projects, It appeared that work v 
halt at St. Joseph. Tacoma Gene 


BRUSSELS. Belgium'' <AP) — 

President Nixon arrived in Brussels’ 
today for talks with many of Amer¬ 
ica's European allies preparatory to 
his summit meetinsr in i/tt\Qr*nw tinth 

fi « 1 € I 





cil, will head the lO-man Ma^ 
Ict^jiiau delation- Miirshai i 
Dawee will lead the nine-man I 
Thai team. 

In Kuala Lumpur a Ma¬ 
laysian Foreign Ministry spo¬ 
kesman said yesterday that | 
the Songkhla Governor’s pro^ 
test against alleged maltreat- ! 
ment by Malaysian troops of 
Thai villagers had reached 
the Malaysian Embassy in 
Bangkok on Saturday. 

He said an investigation 
had beem launched to find out 
whether the complaints were 
true or not. 

Three injured 
in road mishap 

KHON KAEN, iVlon - Two 
Thais and one American were 
seriously injured last night 
when an oil truck rammed 
into their GMC jeep between 
Kilome1re432 and 433 inTam- 
bon Tapra> Amphoe Muang of 
this province. 

The injured were identi¬ 
fied as Mr Cherd, 19, Mr 
John Ginger land and an uni¬ 
dentified local mani They were 
rushed to the provincial hos¬ 

important road junction 
preparation for a ground 

The sources said tiiat i 
first overt si^ of North 
namese activity since 
Thursday, aerial inspecli 
Highway 7, west of the 
mer government base at 
ong Sbui, showed that coni 
nist road crews had be^ 
work on the badly pitted 
washed out highway surl 

The highway links M 
.Soui to the west of the I 
of Jars with Route 13, 
only road link between V 
Liane and the Royal Capit 
Luang Prabang, which < 
under communist mortar 
tack early yesterday. 

The sources also said 
an estimated two-com 
force of North Vietnai 
troops had been sighted £ 
Highway 7 about half way 
ween Muong Soui and the 
junction, located in the 
dow of the 4,800-foot 
knovyn as Sal a Phou Kl 

A high-ranking La 
commander said govern 
forces would make a s1 
defensive stand against a 
pected North Vietnamese 

Air pact 

THE long-awaited and controver- 
sy^ridden amended bilateral air 
agreement between Thailand and the 
United States will definitely be signed 
this afternoon, authoritative sources 
reported last night. 

The Thai Government and Was¬ 
hington have given the “greenlight” 
for the exchange of notes and offi¬ 
cials concerned have chosen today as 
the signing date, the sources said. 

to ] 

The ame; 
annex of the 
new route 
both countri 
agreement r 
/ Discuss! 
/gan in Jiuie 
new routes 
principle bj 
US Embassy 
version bac 

Queen^s grandmother di 

TAG V.^NIDA Picharinee, grandmother of Her Maj 
the Queen, died Sunday night at the Chongkohiee Buildir 
Chulalongl^orn Hospital. She was 83 years oid^ 

'rao Vanida Picharinee was the mother of M.L, Bua K 
yakon, M,L. Chinda Sanitwong and M.L. Maniaath Bun 
Her Majesty the Queen presided over bathing ceremo 
at 5 p.m. yesterday. 

A religious rite for Tao Vandia Picharinee will be he: 
Wat Benchamabopit beginning Mondaj^ night. 

Police seek 

A WARRANT has been is¬ 
sued for the arrest of a Wo¬ 
man allegedly involved in lur¬ 
ing two girls to a brpthel 
where they were reportedly 

The woman, identified as 
Mrs Thiamchit Premmani, I 3 
die wife of an army officer, 
who according to two girls, 
aged 19 and 15, lured them 
into a hpuse where tliey were 
forced to sell tlieir bodies. 

Police raided the house on 
Saturday and arrested two wo¬ 
men on “white slavery” char¬ 
ges after one of the girls sent 
off a letter which was received 
at Tambon Sam sen police 

The women; whowerebeing 
detained by the police denied 
enslaving girls. 

Police said the house had 
been operating as a brothel 
for quite some time and du¬ 
ring the raid several alleged 
prostitutes escaped. 

Watches lor the whole family, guaranteed throughout the world 
from the world's largest watch manufacturar. 


jruuce v;aionei rrarnuan 
Wanicl^han, Chief Inspector, 
7thSubdiY, Crime Suppression 
Division, said tlie married 
couple were found witli 550,000 
baht worth of heroin oh Fri¬ 

Police raided the two-sto¬ 
rey house and immediately ar¬ 
rested the two. Tljey seized 
heroin contailied in packages 
of two cig^ette brands: Luc¬ 
ky Strike and Krathing Thong. 

Also confiscated were 14 
tools for heroin processing, 
found concealed on the second 

Police said no bail would 
be granted to the couple, be¬ 
cause the case was “ser¬ 

Police charged that the 
processors had been sell¬ 
ing tlieir products in Samut 
Prakan, Chon Buri, Rayong, 
Ch anthabu ri and Trat. 

police, the 
inaximum produ¬ 

cing heroin for^P||^^der 
the Harmful Habit-FH|ning 
Drug Act B.E. 2502, 

4, Article 5, is death. 

the house, owned by Kaniol, 
alias Piak Amornsiriviaii, and 
his wife Mrs Pranee,inPhasi 

Heroin smoke-stains were 




Taking advantage of the heavy 
children enjoy a nice, cool swim 
Sapha Council on Prachatipatai Roac 

Police reinfo 
to leave 

A SARABURI milliona¬ 
ire’s daughter attempted to 
commit suicide on her wedd¬ 
ing day Friday by taking an 
overdose of pills after the 
groom-to-be failed to show up. 

The wedding was to take 
place at 1 p.m. at a village 
in Amphoe Phra Phutthabat, 

Miss Thanomratana, 
and her father Mr Chj|^l^ 
kphrom, 54, waited JB^well 
after the ceremo^was to 
start. When thMp’Oom 
Chaichana KaoJ^as, 26, of 
Samut Praklii# did not come 
the girl lock® herself up in 
her priyate^oom and took an 
overdose cm pills in a sui¬ 
cide attemjB. 

Relativft, who had earlier 
seen her wleping bitterly,for¬ 
ced open tm door. 

THE 500 policemen sent to Tak Province to pi:( 
Mae Sot road against communist harassment will be pi 

According to Police Colo- equipment damaged aft 
nel (SpeciaD Kitti Saeributr, terrorists launched su 
Commander of the Sixth Pro- attacks on the workers. 

i Police^one, construe- The work was haltec 

rk on the 135-km ser- few weeks after worker i 
ack cutting across the it impossible to carry c 
(list Meo-infested ar- the work under the heavy 
i gone on smoothly af- sure posed by the Co 
:e reinforcements were nists. 
lied there late last > Police Colonel Kitt 
the latest reports fro:i 
ut 44 kilometres of the oonstruction site said tli 
had been completed, fely had returned to the 
action work was ham- ers and that police re 
by continued harasr cements were no longe 
by Meo Communists cessary in the area. 
irea,who saw the com- He said: “An order to 
of the road as a draw the policemen has 
to their survival. issued. I expect them t 

5ral workers had been recalled very soon/ 
and |-- 

Police rescue 
upcountry girls 

BANGSAEN, Sat-Police 
yesterday rescued two girls 
fromSukhdthailProvince, from 
a hotel here. Three persons 
were arrested on charges of 
procuring the girls for a Chi¬ 
nese millionaire. 

The millionaire, known 
only as “Sia Klueng,* made 
off before police arrived ^ 
the hotel. 


Aid to be rushed to 
Wmmrlmhed area- 

■KHGN K AEN, Sat The 


Police mounted a baton 
charge but the demonstrators 
could not be controlled and 
police opened fire. 

The situation today ap¬ 
peared to have returned to 
normal. Meanwhile, some lea¬ 
ders of the United Front of 
Bahawalpur have protested 
against the police action and 
demanded a judicial inquiry. 

Pakistani President Gen¬ 
eral Yahya Khan announce on 
March 31 that the former 
West Pakistan province would 
be dissolved and four new 
provinces cre^ 

El A1 office 

ISTANBUL, Sat — Terro¬ 
rists hurled dynamite into the 
Istanbul office of the Israel 
airline El A1 in pre-dawn 
darkness today, shattering its 
windows and those of neigh¬ 
bouring apartments, police 

No one was injured. 

In another incident, the 
booking office of Pan Ameri¬ 
can Airways in the Aegean 
port of Izmir was attacked 
late last night andwmdows 

"Agency — AP 

Asians luring Aust girls 

CANBERRA, Saturday -Australian Commonwealth Police 
Commissioner Jack Davis disclosed a concerted attempt was 
being made to recruit Australian girls for striptease and 
prostitution in a South Asian country. 

Mr Davis said in a statement he was •most concerned.” 
Letters were being sent by a procurer on behalf of a 
syndicate in an Aslan country to potential agents in Australia. 

Mr Davis did not name the country involved butgovernment 
sources understood it was the Philippines. 

Mr Davis said Irtformation collated by the Central Intel¬ 
ligence Section of the Commonwealth Police indicated the 
Asian syndicate was trying to forge links with organised 
vice operators in Australia. Attempts at recruitment had 
also been made to fnnocetit social clubs. — AP 

were serving* ‘iff a jiumber of 
Israeli Army sections and 
•fighting against the Arabs.** 

The paper said that the 
volunteers •still maintain 
their British nationality." 

It added that the Egyptian 
Government had asked for 
clarification from the British 
Government on this “serious 
matter and that “the British 
authorities had asked for time 
to study this information." 

In London today, the 
Foreign Office declined to 
comment on the report, 

I . Officials said the Egyptian 
fvernment had notraisedthe 
atter with Britain as the 
wspaper claimed. 

In Paris, Group Captain 
3 wnsend’s Belgian - born 
ife Marie-Luce described 
e charge of her husband* s 
volvement as “absolutely 

Mr Townsend himself was in 
renoble, eastern France, to- 
y, autographing copies of the 
[ench edition of^is book on 
h Battle of Britain. 

[j^Mr Townsend said he went 
Wsrael for three days earlier 
Bs month to do an article on 
U Israeli Air Force for the 
pis magazine “Match*. ?Tie 
licle appeared in this week’s 
Ition. — Reuter, AP 

er tria 

s trail 

HONG KONG, Sat - The 
body-in-sack murder trial 
has been unfolding like a mo¬ 
vie mystery whentlieSupreme 
Court in the past few days 
heard testimonies on drugs, 
jewelry-smuggling, homo¬ 
sexuality, nude photos of a 
male and brutal killing. 

the body of rich merchant 
Woo Chi-kiu, 49. tucked in¬ 
side a giinnysack, was found 
bobbing in the harbour waters 
off Hong Kong’s West^Point 
on November 29 last year. 
Earlier in the day, a mys¬ 
terious phone call had told the 
victim’s family where the body 
could be located. 

Testifying before the jury, 
Detective Inspector P.W. 
Park, who had led an exten¬ 
sive investigation, suspected 
that Mr Woo had been in¬ 
volved in narcotics traffick- 

of vice 

ing and jewelry-smuggling be¬ 
tween Hong Kong and Bang¬ 

•We found that Woo had 
connections with Thailand, one 
of the main sources of illegal 
narcotics,” said the police 

•Twenty police officers 
investigating Woo’s assets and 
business associates also found 
illegal documents and ad¬ 

The investigation took on 
a new dimension after police 
found photographs of a naked 
man, he said. 

Inspector Park, witness 
for the prosecution, was tes¬ 

tifying against two students, 
Miao Tak-yin, 20, andLiHon- 
ling, 19, who had pleaded not 
guilty to murdering Mr Woo 
on November 29, 1969. 

Earlier, senior Crown 
counsel W Max Lucas told 
the jury that, In a statement 
made to the police, Miao had 
admitted that the two had 
struck Mr Woo with an iron 
rod and stuffed his body in a 
gunnysack before dumping it 
into the sea. 

Miao allegedly told the po¬ 
lice Mr Woo had asked him to 
sign an lOU for HK$5,000 
(17,250 baht) and had made 
•improper suggestions” to 

Police testimony further 
added that traces of narco¬ 
tics had also been found in 
the boot of Mr Woo’s car*- 

Be another satisfied customer. 


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1319 MF.V^ ROAU. KL.AK illOM KOAD cORNtR, bn\Ci;0); « 



to mark the anniversary of 
Buddha's birthday. 

This was announced by a 
government sjiokestnan 

^B?^^vere found ai'ter the the Notthcoincide with agi^w- 

battle north of the ferry cro5>- ing concern here that once 
sing. Five South Vietnamese American forces withdraw, 
marines were killed ^and 10 

Vietnamese communist 

THE Police Department has ‘'adopted^ 
about 200 girls lured to Bangkok by gangs 
Df procurers for prostitution, Pol Gen Pra- 
sert Ruchirawongse disclosed yesterday. 
The girls will be used as advisers in the 
Icampaign to wipe out procuring, 

I The Director-General of the Police De- 
[partment said the move was launched in or- 
[der :to “fihd.out the actual nature of these 
I people who think girls are marketable pto- 
duce.r ’■(' ' 

Gen Prasert, speaking in Ghiang Mai, 
said that the arrested girls, facing prosti¬ 
tution charges,, were being treated by the 
department as *^victims*^ and not “defen¬ 
dants'*. ’ 

He stressed that the girls were being 
well taken c^ire of by social welfare work¬ 

“We give them treatment wherever ne¬ 
cessary. Very few of them were found to 

200 girls 

have venereal disease,” the police chief said. 

. “We ere not cracking down on the pi'os- 
' titutes. Our law permits us only to keep 
them under control. We are only really 
cracking down on the procurers and girl- 
traders,” he said, t 

He added; “Even if a man put a sign 
up in front of his house saying; ‘We can i 
he hired to vrape girls at 60 baht a ^e,' j 
we can't arrest him. 

“On the other hand if we have evidence 
that procuring is actuailly bein^ carried out, 
the law says that we can arrest them,” he 

Meanwhile^, in Bangkok, police squads 
Thursday swobped on two more hotels and 
carried off another 40 alleged, prostitutes. 

Owners of bOtli hotels were arrested and 
found tliemselyesi facing dual charges of 
prociiring and operating brothels. 

liaill cuivi cuilA/vrsua. 

“From a strictly] 
point of view, a Soy 
namese intervention 
jlo Chi Minh Trail wc 
pees sity, ” the coloti 
f' When asked if the j 
|ould react in the ca 

I Duth Vietnamese ir^ 
on, the colonel replie 
[hinese are far too int| 

' intervene. They are I 
iht until the last NorL 
|mese but not until 

.Sunday Magazi 

f^HEN the first pai'ty Of 1 

to visit Cambodia in ; 

than nine years flej 
Phnom Penh last 
Post reporter Banyatj 

saneeyavej was on haii 

record her impressiori 

life in that capital. | 
fomorrow's Sunday Ma 
zine carries her story' 
pther tc^-line featu 
that make up the we 
end’s best reading 

1 .-Xw 






could not possibly move ou 
July 15. 

•I’ve lived here 20 ye« 
I don't have much mone; 
am only a poor vendor,'* 

Mr Kiat-anant Phrami 
nat, grandson of landow 
Mrs Somkliang said thai 
would fight for those aboi 
lose their homes. 

^MJD9|9 9AISU0j 

HPUlB ci Hira Sulee Lane 
catching mosquito larvae. 
Very soon these children and 
dieir parents may be 
forced from their homes 
if the eviction order Is not 

Doctor warns 
girl students: 
beware pimps 

THE Deput^rtirector of the Neurological Hospital last 
night warned ^rl students attending evening classes againsti 

procurers whose modus operand! involves anaesthetising a 
victim before kidnapping her. 

Dr Arkom Sorasuchart “Social security” now, wai 
yesterday said manyprostitu- in a crisis, he said, addini 
tes were foi^her students who that more and more girls wer< 
had been drugged and kidnap- being lured Into prostitutioi 
ped while walking home from while procurers could not b 
night classes. suppressed. 

He warr^Bd all female stu¬ 
dents to beware of strangers 
posing as well wishers, pro¬ 
tectors or social workers who 
might actually be pimps. 

He enjoined schools, colle¬ 
ges and universities to provide, 
better security for the girls 
after the close of evening clas¬ 

Parents and guardians 
should also take pains to en¬ 
sure the safety of tlieir chil¬ 
dren before and after going to 
school, he added. 

FORMER acting manager 
|of the-Thai Develqpment Bank 
will see Samyod Crime Supp¬ 
ression Squad this morning to 
discuss the charge that he 
embezzled 10 million baht 
from the bank, 

Mr Seri Sapcharoen, who 
resigned from the bank on 
February 13, said yesterday 
he would find out the fiill de¬ 
tails of the charge from Sam- 
/od Crime SuppressionSquad. 

Mr Pratam Duangrat, the 
)ank's legal adviser, on Sa- 
urday presented the charge 
oSCSS alleging that Mr Seri 
lad swindled about 10 million 
>aht between October 21,1968 
ind February 13 this year. 

Mr Seri said he had not 
et received any notification 
rom police to appear for in- 

“I vrfU go there myself to 
what Is going on,* he said. 
“I used to have three mil- 
on baht in shares with the 
ink. But I transferred it to 
e Bank Association of Thal- 
nd,” he said. 

The suit was reportedly 
►proved by the bank’s execu¬ 
te committee last week when 
Bpresentatives of the Finance 
[hUstry, Bank of Thailand 
nd Thai Bankers Association 
H Thailand met to discuss it. 
B The Thai Development 
iBank faced a financial crisis 
this year. Thirteen commer¬ 
cial banks and the Bank of 
Thailand stepped in to support 
the bank. 


Dr Arkom, who is also ; 
member of the National Wel¬ 
fare Council 

reported that] 
Thailand now had 151,224 fe¬ 
males aged between 13 and 25 
working in various places of 
entertainment such as night 
clubs, bars, massage parlours 
most as prostitutes. 

He further classified pros¬ 
titutes into three groups: one 
group composed of thosegirls 
suffering from mental ail¬ 
ments; another groi^ included 
those confronted with family 
and financial difficulties; and 
the third group were those 
girls having little or no educa¬ 
tion at all. 

But a majority of them were 
not educated and that was the 
reason they were easily lured 
into prostitution, he added. 


B^CIWNCL Nakhon Rat- 
chaslrfl%bSn^ driver was 
killed an^BjU^sengers se¬ 
riously injl^^H^n the mi¬ 
nibus they in 

plunged off the^^^^B^a 
ravine here yesterday^j^^ 
Police said the minibB 
driven by Mr Uthit Say a sir v 
was overloaded when the ac¬ 
cident occurred. 

The minibus, a converted 
pickup truck in which thepas- 
sengers seat themselves in 
the back, was carrying 30 
persons, more than was per¬ 

As a consequence of the 
ill-distribution of weight and 
the steepgradient of the climb, 
the rear-heavy minibus lifted 
up from the front like a woun¬ 
ded praying mantis, momen¬ 
tarily pawed the air,swivel¬ 
led around and crashed the 15 
feet down, police said. 

The mjured were sent to 
the local health centre. 

by armed men 

A THON BURI pork vendor 
was robbed of valuables worth 
4,000 baht yesterday morning 
while he was going to his stall 
at Wat Wiset market near Siri- 
raj Hospital. 

Police said Mr Suchart 
Lertsuwanrat, 43, a resident 
of Soi Suwannaram, Bangkok 
Noi district was walking to the 
market at about 5 a.m. Five 
armed gangsters grabbed him 
when he approached Wat 
Wiset. He was beaten up by the 
five men. 

Train trip ends 
in death 

Dutchman was killed yester¬ 
day when he poked his head 
out of a train window and 
struck the steel structure of 
a bridge in Ban Na San dis¬ 

According to police, the 
dead man, identified as Mr 
H. Gunther, 37, was eating 
in the dining carriage at the 
time. "" 


Most abducted girls have low IQ’s 


THE majority of the girls arrested on 
charges of violating the prostitution law are 
rarely in the profession oftheir own violation 
but have either been misled or abducted, a 
ranking police official said yesterday. 

Speaking on “The Problems of Female 
Abduction” at the AUA Auditorium, Police 
Major-General Chumphol Lohachala said that 
findings indicated that girls having 
an IQ of between 50 and 69 were abducted 
or misled into prostitution. This represents 
about 60 per cent of the total. 

The rest of the girls, the Samyod Crime 
Suppression Squad Commander said, proba¬ 
bly entered the profession oftheir own choos¬ 

On the other hand, the girls having low 
IQ’s required little persuasion to become 

By and large, upcountry girls were more 
easy to mislead, he said, and represented 
a significant number among the prostitutes. 

He detailed several methods used to lure 
girls from their homes. Family financial 
problems played a part in the main. 

Other girls were tempted by promises of 
better jobs in big cities. 

Some procurers proposed to support the 
girls in their studies in beauty saloons 
and schools, he said. 

Others used marriage to deceive the girls; 

There were cases, too, he said, where 
girls were taken from their homes foreibly— 
under the influence of drugs and anaesthetics. 

He warned parents to beware of strangers 
who might tell their daughters at school that 
they were seriously ill and the girls had to go 
home right away. When the girls came out 
of school, the strangers would then kidnap 
them and introduce them to brothels, he said. 

Parents should teach their daughters not 
_to be too ambitious, to know all about the 
ones who extended assistance, andnever trust 
a stranger, he said. 




























DR PAFTOON Cruacaew, leader of the Democrat Front Party, yesterday charged that a 
large number of “soldiers^ had been mobilised to cast votes for a government-backed can¬ 
didate in Roi Et on Saturday during the by-election in which his party's candidate won, 

am not going to protest 
now since Chawin Sakham of 
my party has already won 
despite the trickery,” he said. 

He said his party’s victory 
demonstrated clearly that the 
money from the independent 
Mrs Sunirat Telan and influ¬ 
ence from the government - 
backed candidate, Mr Chant 
Chanchoom, could not “sway** 
the people in Roi Et. 

He said his party had spent 
only 130,000 baht during the 
whole election campaign. 

Victor Mr Chawin told 
reporters that he would do his 
best to uplift the living con¬ 
ditions in his prov^ince. 

Commenting on the elec¬ 
tion re-run, Roi Et Governor 
Prachak Vajaraparn praised 
the voters who, he said, “had 
shown they could not be bought 

people have become more 
politically ^ conscious,” he 

Reaction to Mr Chawin’s 
victory was favourable. 

Deputy Prime Minister 
Prapass Charusathiara said 
he was relieved that Mr Cha¬ 
win won the election. 

“No one will try to sue the 
Government and want to nulli¬ 
fy itCthe election) anymore,” 
he told reporters. 

MiR. Seni Pramoj, leader 
of the Democrat Party, also 
welcomed Mr Chawin’s vic¬ 

“The Roi Et people showed 
how they could not be influ¬ 
enced into voting for any 
particular candidate,” he 

A.sked about the defeat of 
or forced into electing any his party’s candidate, Mr 


man not representing the Methi Khampet, MJl, Seni 
province. said: “He is too new in the 

“It shows also that the political arena.” 


POLICE have detaiined 100 
girls in Ayutthaya Province 
during an extensive crackdown 
on procurers and pimps 
throughout the country. 

This brings the total num¬ 
ber of girls detained in the 
campaign to 314. Previously, 
it was announced 214 girls 
were being held in Chon Buri 
at the Khao Noi Police School. 

According to the Deputy 
Commissioner of Provincial 
Police, Pol Maj Chamras 
Mangkalarat, more than 1,000 
pimps, brothel operators and 
procurers were arrested dur¬ 
ing the campaign, which was 
.launched last month. 

The 300-odd girls detained 
in Chon Buri and Ayutthaya 
are all under 18 years of age. 
Police have placed no charges 
against them but are using 
•them as witnesses against 
their procurers, Maj-Gen 
Chamras said. 

•We cannot release them 
now because of the threat of 
intimidation by the pimps and 
procurers. We will wait i^til 
all the court cases 
tled,” he said.^ 

Many business organisa¬ 
tions and foundations have 
donated food and other essen- 

rw^TX A mr a nn